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Mass effect erotic story incoming



I know that my original intention is to make, erotic stories with the lore of TES and Fallout. But it has been some time that I wanted to make some erotic story about mass effect, around of a female character(not Shepard or any crew members) that will keep a secret for now.

It's coming along nicely it will take some time to make due to the lack of my free time.

I had Fallout and TES coming but I need more inspiration and the head on the right place to make it happen, making up stories ain't easy.


the mass effect will be a long story cutted with several parts.

if everything goes right, this weekend might come out.




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48 minutes ago, Agent Tex said:

Are we talking ME 1-3 Cast or ME Andromeda cast?

more like ME 1-3, but all before the Events, so is more like before ME1.

Has nothing to do with commander shepard and the reapers, just the Lore.

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