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Mod Fix: Ghosu's Horker Weapons



So I've been compiling my weapons into a single ESP lately so I can use a whole bunch of packs with lootification without needing to have a zillion plugins loaded.


But I've been doing some fixes/tweaks along the way, and well. Thought I may as well share this one with people in case anyone else wants to use them. So:


First, download this mod, which adds new weapons crafted from horker tusks, iron, and wood (as well as a shield and some bows and arrows). Note that my fix applies only to the default "steel equivalent" version and requires Dawnguard.


Then download the attached file and replace the ESP. Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack (CCO and misc fixes).7z


Changes made:

  • Renamed the items for added clarity - instead of "Horker [Weapon] I" or "Horker [Weapon] II" they are now "Horker [Weapon] (Battered)" and "Horker [Weapon]"
  • Adjusted the crafting recipes slightly. Crafting the steel equivalent version now requires the Steel Smithing perk for balance reasons. But since the ingredients are identical to the iron equivalent ones, I added a condition to the Iron ones as well: must NOT have the Steel Smithing perk. That way, when you gain the perk, the battered recipes should disappear and the finished ones should take their place.
  • Fixed a mesh assignment - one of the daggers was mistakenly pointing to the Iron Dagger mesh rather than the included horker tusk dagger.
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade support added to all recipes
  • Breakdown recipes added - might be tweaked later.

The ESP has the leveled lists adjustments of the original version included, though personally I recommend using Lootification to distribute all your weapons/etc and deleting the manual list entries from your individual mods - you get better results that way in my experience.


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