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My Unity Alphas.



Hey there. In case any one cared I've done a lot game modding over the past 20 years, My Mugen creations or work on the ill fated Mushroom Kingdom Fusion project probably being the most note worthy. Over that time I've always wanted to create my own indie games and cross the line into commercial game development. If only on a small scale creating humble little projects aimed a niche old-school audiences with similar tastes to my own?


At the most I'm experimenting with a project I think I might finally be able to follow up to completion. Its will be a simple platformer game with an 80s "Sword and Sandals" style fantasy type theme while the play mechanics will very similar to the NES cult classic: Power Blade. I don't have much to show at the moment, but I am making progress so stay tuned. Just a warning though the art style will be a bit experimental but more on that later...


For now I thought I'd show up a number of alpha test engines I built in Unity, both to figure the engine out and because I have an ADD style problem drifting from project idea to project idea, lol. The main reason I chose Unity was because the development kit of the other major option, the Unreal Engine, simply refused to run on my PC at the time I decided to choose one. A great way to get started, I know ?. But anyways, on to showing my work.


DISCLAIMER: These are all early alpha tests, so expect very little content, a lack of sound/music, lots of place holder public domain assests, etc. I am also hiding all the youtube videos of my works under spoiler tags for the sanity of those trying to browse this blog with a cellphone/potato/atari 2600/etc.


I don't plan to follow though on any of these projects, so if you want the source code to any of them drop me a PM. Don't mind others building off them.




This game was modeled off the platformers off early era computers, such as Pitfall, Bruce Lee C64, Montazuma's Revenge, etc. It recreates the static screen effect as the player explores about, avoiding obstacles, goons, and low level puzzle solving to access further into the fortress:




One interesting note is the game uses a manually coded collision system I created by heavily modding the collision system taught in the tutorials of a fellow Unity Creator. It allows greater flexibility for a platformer game than Unity's default collision system. As well as being less memory intensive since doesn't require a "rigid body" or other fancy 3d collision checks. All my platformer projects were built out of this custom collision system.


Also the sound effect made when the player fires her gun is a custom effect made by me. Can anyone guess how I made it?:classic_rolleyes:


Mega Man Engine:


Me recreating the basic frame work of Megaman, cause why not?:




There are two major accomplishments of this project: one being that the palette swapping effects are handled by a shader. In other words all the color swapping is created via code instead of having a ton of duplicate spritesets for every color Mega Man assumes. As is the case for most modern Mega Man fan games being modern machines don't handle palette swapping as easily as the old world consoles.


The being that it uses a custom coded animation system, as Unity's 2d animation is a clunky, shoehorned adaption of its 3d animation system. It also includes some fancy features like being able set custom loop points, start mid-animation, frame events (like shooting a bullet), etc.




Yep, its a Gauntlet clone. Just a warning to anyone who would request this engine's source code... it's a mess:




Fantasy Platformer Attempts:


Two attempts at creating a fantasy platformer. To most people my ideas for a such project would most closely resemble Castlevania. Though actually I would be taking a lot of influence from a number of more obscure games I'm quite fond of, such as Rygar, Black Tiger, Rastan, and Legendary Axe 2. At the time I was planning to use 3d as it would be easier to find artists and resources to get started with. But at this point I would go 2d, even if it means converting 3d assests into 2d sprites:




In the project in the second video I did manage to recreate the layered background effect from the PS Vita port of Castlevania X. In which there are platforms actually further in the background than others to help with the sense of depth issues. The player and enemies are subtly automatically adjusted to these platforms when they step on them.


But anyways that's all for now. I'll update this blog when I have more to talk about. Maybe sometime I'll do one on my Mugen characters.


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