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Anime SchoolGirl Looking for Dick!



The game has 36 hentai scenes, each with multiple CGs and many variants.


Kotoko takes dick in sex positions like the cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary. She also gives blowjobs, and tittyfucks. The scenes are fine but nothing special if you just skip to them. The foreplay and build-up are what make you bust a nut. At least half of the erotic scenes are not actual sex, but involve of dialogue and lots of teasing, like giving handjobs to strange homeless men.


This game is all about choices. For example, when you have sex with the janitor. He uses condoms all the time, but one day Kotoko begins to wonder how it would feel to have sex without a condom. Will you hide the janitor’s box of condoms and go bareback?


If your fetish is watching old and gross men taking advantage of a young pure girl, there’s lots of scenes catering to your perversion. You can choose which of the disgusting fuckers groping your panties in public places gets to pop your cherry! You can’t have sex with your classmates in this game, but everyone else is up for a fuck.


My favorite path in this game was to pursue sex with a homeless guy at the local park. This guy never uses condoms! He sticks it in and takes whatever he wants! You can even get pregnant with his child. The star student of her school, knocked up by a homeless guy – it’s the ultimate humiliation. Kotoko vows to keep her pregnancy a secret until her belly starts growing.






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