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I've received a few inquiries about voice acting for Bay of Voices so I though I would start this preliminary discussion on characters and voice types. I will post photos and bios of major characters in here so that voice actors can check them out and see who they might be interested in 'inhabiting'. I'm am posting this info early so that voice actors can start to get a feel for these characters. 


For any potential voice actors ... thank you! It is a lot of work but your talents and commitment will really bring these characters to life.  As the character quests are still being developed, I don't yet have sample scripts for you to look at, but, I hope to have them soon. Due to the early stage of character dialogue dev, I am absolutely open to collaborating with a voice actor on character quirks, dialogue, even quest direction where appropriate. 


In addition to the main characters, the mod will need some custom generic voice types for the background characters. These voice types will range from common brute pirates, to sophisticated merchants with the characters hailing from all ports of Tamriel ... so we have a lot to play with and can get a really interesting mix of accents, tones, and voices in there ... similar to the mix of voices you hear in an actual port town or, for the sake of comparison, an international terminal at the airport.  


Special voice skills: 


- Pearls faction (bardic assassins): charm, poetry and some singing (male and female)

- Mysteries quest line: daedric voice acting 

- Keepers: dragon voices (like our dear old parthy or skuldafn)


I'll get those character bios up ASAP. ?

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I'm just gong to start adding these as I go:


male characters




Bridge (pictured above on right): leader of The Bridgers. Soft spoken unless issuing a command or angry. Cocky but not arrogant. He's earned his reputation. Charming. Quick to smile or laugh. Brother of Brynjolf so a scottish accent would be ideal (though not necessary). Dialogue needed will include: quests, ambient, grunts, moans, battle cries and taunts, marriage or lover dialogue (affectionate, not cloying or submissive)


Libby (pictured above on left): The Librarian. Friend of Bridge. Pearl recruiter and trainer. Spymaster and Assassin.  Hard, educated and  proud.  Flirtatious.  Knows everyone's dirty little secrets.  Seldom laughs. He is of Akaviri /  Tscaesci birth. Voice type is seductive and has a very slight hiss to some words.  Dialogue needed will include:  quests (many, he is a hub character), ambient, grunts, moans, battle cries and taunts, whispering, dominant master dialogue, lover dialogue (playful and teasing, not cloying or submissive)


Lyndll: The Harbour Master. Member of the Telvanni dunmer family.  Clipped, officious and annoyed (like a lot of dunmer voice types). Prefer a deeper voice.  Of noble birth, he has left that world behind him to pursue his mercantile interests and found a new family with the Bridgers. Kind to his friends. Respects talent. Dialogue needed will include:  quests, ambient, grunts, moans, battle cries and taunts, merchant,  lover dialogue (respectful and kind)



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