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Part 8



 Anna Goes out and runs into a fire fight between mutants DC security she helps the Security fight them off 



 Anna gets a single on her Radio requesting help



Danse thanks for the help civilian what brings you here ?

Anna : heard your request for help on the Radio

Danse : i also need help retrieving a signal booster

Anna : alright





 After they clear arcjet danse invites Anna to join the BOS





Danse : this is our new recruit

Reese : great another incompetent Waster, whats with the Hair ? granny! 

Haylen : don't listen to him. i kinda like it.

Anna : i had to bleach it asshole.

Danse : that is enough, you both need to get along,  welcome to the brother hood imitate 



Anna is issued her new Uniform and Laser Rifle

she is sent to clear out places of ghouls and mutants




Although not a official assignment Anna Returns to the Mutant Camp that held her for so long and eating the Child.  



Anna Exacts Revenge on the mutants

Anna : remember Me ?

Mutant : Human Fuck Toy back for more?

Anna : i am here to kill you.

Mutant : Hahahah

*a laser beam goes into the Mutants head, he drops over dead*







After Anna Does some ops for the Bos she is given a mission to find a lost recon team


Anna stumbles across a attack on a caravan, the surviving robot Ada wants  Anna's help in getting revenge, but Anna is busy at the minute. and will deal with it when she can.




Anna kills a mutant caring a mini nuke being so close to the detonation causes some scrapes that should heal in a week or 2





Anna comes across 2 death claws fighting each other 

Anna : what the Fuck are those !? 




Being sensible she runs away like a coward




she finds the last surviving member of the recon squad and convinces him to return to the Police Station





Danse good job initiate,

Anna thank you sir

Danse : take a few days off, i will have another op for you.


A Few days later Danse has another op for Anna

Danse i want you to investigate the institute talk to the locals find out what you can.

Anna : okay



Piper : glad you finally doped by blue

Anna why are you calling me that ?

Piper : your a vault dweller, i remember the jumpsuit you had on when you showed up, almost a Year ago. why did it take you so long to show up 

Anna : i was in shock at the time, i was also kidnapped, Raped by Raiders until i was pregnant, than Raped by mutants and sold into slavery. 

Piper : wow... changing subjects tell me what was the vault like ?

Anna : i was frozen for 210 years so i can't really tell you

Piper : your over 200 years old ?

Anna : yes.

Piper : what do you think of Diamond City compared to the Prewar world ?

Anna : its a bit of a Shit hole. 

Piper : ouch

Anna : can you really compare the two ?

Piper : i guess your right, so whats your take on the kidnappings ?

Anna : find who did it and make them pay,

Piper : better than apathy

Anna : keep this off the record, i am investigating the institute for the Brother hood of steel.

Piper : Speak to nick Valentine he is also looking into them. and be careful dressed like that...




Anna goes into nicks office.



Eli : sorry the detectives not in, he was kidnapped by the mob

Anna : i will get him back for you then, i need his help looking into the institute








Nick thanks for the Rescue, but why risk Life and limb for a old PI ?

Anna I am investigating the institute, i need some help. 

Nick alright, since you rescued me i am obliged to help.




Malone : Valentine! how did you get out ?

Nick : a new friend

Darla : i told you we should of killed him!

Malone : i got this under control

Darla : then who is this bimbo ?

Anna Darla Go home Skinny isn't good for you.

Darla your. your right, i am sorry skinny this is goodbye.

Malone Dammit Valentine! you and your friend kill all my men and ruin my relationship i ought to fill both of you with lead.

Valentine : my fiend did you a favor your choice in women has always been bad.

Malone : you have 10 seconds to get out


Anna meets nick at his office to discuss the investigation



end of Part 8


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