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Gundam & Pokemon



As the title says this entry is going to be about Gundam and Pokemon, let's go Eevee specifically, because I've just finished rewatching Iron Blooded Orphans and since I'm a massive fan of the franchise (even if I couldn't get into the older ones from the 80s and think AGE is donkey shit) I thought I'd talk about this series and more specifically comparing Mikazuki (and technically Akihiro) to some of the Gundam protagonists from the other series I've watched (mainly; SEED, Wing and 00. I've watched other series but these are the main ones that stick in my mind) just because I think it might be fun. As for Pokemon let's GO Eevee, this'll be my "review" for the game as I caved in and bought it (and completed it, mostly.)


So Gundam, first off I should say that I actually really enjoyed IBO and found most of the main characters really likable. I feel that the series is good at making you love the protagonists and really hate certain characters (Iok Kujon comes to mind) the thing is with Gundam I find it hard to rank the various series as they all have things in them I like and dislike but anyway this is me comparing Mikazuki to Heero, Kira and Setsuna.


So for these comparisons we'll assume that they're all in their end of series Gundams (ignoring Endless Walts and Awakening of the Trailblazer) this means Barbatos Lupus Rex, Wing Zero, Strike Freedom and 00 Raiser. So where do all the Gundams stand? Well the Freedom is actually the weakest of them as it has no GN particles (so no Trans-AM,) no Zero system and no Alaya Vijnana, next weakest is probably the Barbatos (it's the only suit without flight capability, which isn't an issue in space but still) but more powerful than the Freedom due to its Alaya Vijnana system and its armour which is resistant to beam weapons. Next is Wing Zero, it has great armour, is capable of atmospheric flight and has the Zero system additionally it has an insanely powerful rifle (don't think it's a beam weapon either so it can deal some damage to Barbatos) and finally 00 Raiser is the most powerful suit of the 4 purely because of its GN particles, its "beam" weapons aren't actually beams so Barbatos' armour isn't helpful same with Wing Zero's and Freedom's so it can deal some serious damage with its "beam" weapons plus all its other bullshit powers.


So the pilots, I honestly believe Mikazuki is the best of the 4, followed by Kira then Heero and finally Setsuna. Sure Kira has is bullshit SEED powers but I think the Alaya Vijnana trumps that, although the Zero system might be able to allow Heero to keep up with him and no Setsuna won't have Vega as he never actually access Vega during the series. So the two pilots with the worst (relatively speaking) Gundams are actually the best pilots, both Heero and Setsuna spend the majority of their respective series using the most powerful units and when they end up against stiff opposition they do struggle, even if Setsuna does improve in the second season of 00 he still relies on the 00's bullshit to win most fights.


So with that out the way who do I think would win? Well in space (so all units are on equalish footing) I believe the final fight would come down to a three way tie between Mika, Heero and Setsuna. Why no Kira? You ask because his unit is the weakest of the 4 (imo, even if it's the best looking) and would probably be neutralised by any of the other 3 especially given that the other three pilots are all prepared to kill or be killed so that gets rid of Kira leaving Heero, Setsuna and Mika to fight it out. Now it's worth noting that in order to fight on equal footing with Mika and Akihiro in their Gundams it took the antagonists using their universes most powerful weaponry (which was forbidden) leaving both Akihiro and Mika severely injured and Mika still managed to take out a good few enemy mobile suits before dying so in this fight I feel like Mika would be next to go but not before dealing a load of damage to the other two suits. That leaves Setsuna and Heero fighting in damaged machines so no buster rifle for Heero and Setsuna would be using physical blades as he's not a good shot and tends to avoid using his ranged weapons and of course Setsuna would still have his GN particle bullshit however I feel that the Zero system would be able to counteract that meaning it would come down to who's the better pilot and I feel that Heero is the better pilot so in what would be a close fight Heero would probably come out on top.


So that's what I think would happen, do you agree with me or disagree? If you 've got differeing opinions feel free to leave a comment explaining to me why I'm an idiot.


Also as an aside if you gave Barbatos GN particles and the Sero system in addition to the Alaya Vijnana system Mika would curbstomp everything.


So that's the Gundam stuff out the way onto pokemon.


Now I feel I mentioned before that the artstyle for the Let's GO games put me off buying them but my mates talking about them convinced me to get Eevee anyway and as a starting point for new fans (maybe people who are just getting into pokemon or have only played Go) it's actualy really good it takes out some of the complicated bullshit (weather, abilities, day/night cycles and friendship(off the top of my head)) and gives you a "pure" pokemon experience. The story is just Yellow's story with a few tweeks and it actually does a good job of introducing stuff for the gen 2 games but overall its pretty much just pokemon Yellow again. As for gameplay, the combat is just pokemon minus some of the complicated bullshit so nothign special there, I will say that Eevee is fucking OP he starts out with perfect IVs and EVs and can learn moves that increase his usefulness (and since you can't evolve him, their types all relate to his evolutions) which is good design on Game Freak's part as you can't box it so you aren't left with deadweight. As for the catching, it's pokemon go but with joycons, I like the fact that there aren't any random encounters but I do miss battling wild pokemon and the pokemon go style is challenging when your left analogue stick has a slight pull to the left, not to say there aren't any battles at all you have to fight Snorlaxs that appear, the legendary birds and Mewtwo before you can catch them and each encounter has its own entry cutscene which I thought was really cool and it shows that Game Freak are at least trying to improve on that side of things as you get cutscense in other areas as well now if only they can fix the main character's perpetual dopey smile and give them actual expressions. Finally the affection system makes its return and it makes the most sense being in this game, even if it's only Eevee you can interact with and feed berries, with the pokemon you have following you gaining affection. Finally the pokemon Go connectivity, this is actually really useful for completing the pokedex as you can just transfer trade evolutions, version exclusives and pokemon that just don't appear into the game, I usually don't bother with the pokedex in pokemon games but this time around I will as I'm only missing a few evos and only one evolutionary line. So my final score would be a 6/10, why so low if I enjoyed it you may ask? because it costs £40 to get Mew, I have Mew in pokemon Go but I'm not allowed to transfer it even if I can transfer the legendary birds and (presumably) Mewtwo hopefully this gets patched out once Nintendo make their money off it also docking a point because I'm not allowed to fly around on the back of my Articuno.


Sorry for yet another text post, I'll have an image up soon(tm) and it might even be a Skyrim one as I'm thinking of just installing a few temp mods until I can get my back up data folder off my other drive.


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