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The Blackreach Experiments Part 6



The Blackreach Experiments - Part 6 - Where is the Dragonborn?


The boat came to a stop against an outcropping of rocks. The thud of wood hitting stone was loud enough to get Arissa’s attention.



Arissa noticed a young noble woman alone and unconscious in the boat. “Now what are you doing all the way out here?”

Celine was mumbling in her sleep, “Master…..love….”

Arissa could barely make out the words.



After carrying the young woman inside, Arissa waited by her bed for her to wake up. Hours passed and she was about to nod off when the young woman shot up and screamed, “KEEPER!” “AH WHAT!” Arissa yelled as she jumped back.



The two shared names and Celine told Arissa all about the dreams of the Keeper and her run in with it in the strange place she had been.

“Hmm,” Arissa said, “That doesn’t sound like any place I know of but I’m only now delving into the magic here. I’m not from here originally. Where I came from, magic was a trick, like slight. I’ve become very familiar with the different magics here but there is always more to learn.



Celine stood up, “So, do you know where to find the dragonborn?”



“Ugh! Don’t get me started on him…. I’ve been trying to track him down for what feels like ages. What do need with him anyway?”



“Well, I heard that something will happen to him. It’s a prophecy. I have to try to save him, no matter how small the chances are.”




“Fine..I’ll take you too where he might be…”



Celine felt badly for asking but if this woman could lead her to the dragonborn then maybe the disaster in her time cold be averted. “Hey, sorry for the inconvience Arissa.”

“No no, it’s fine. Really. I was heading that way anyway. It’s about a day’s travel to Solitude, then we’ll get a carriage and make our way to Ivarstead.



The two women made their way to Ivarstead but Arissa was insistent that they hurry to High Hrothgar and meet with the Graybeards. They waited outside, yelled, even banged on the doors but no one ever came.

Suddenly, Arissa yelled, “Hey, you old gas bags! Open the damn door! The lady’s freezing her tits off out here!”




Celine banged on the door one last time, yelling, “Please, it’s about the dragonborn! Open the door!”



“Maybe they’re not home. We should head to the inn and get some rest. We’ll ask around in the morning.”




I’m starting to think you didn’t want that door to open, but whatever, let’s go. I’m about to drop.”



As soon as they reached the inn, Celine paid for a room and fell fast asleep.



“Now that I’ve got her off my back…” Arissa approached the innkeeper and asked about the dragonborn.

“Oh yeah, he came through here not to long ago on the way to Dragon Bridge,” he said.



“Great, now I have this crazy idea. You take this gold and when that woman wakes up, you tell her the dragonborn went to Markarth.”

The innkeeper looked confused, “Why would I do that?”



“Because if you don’t, I’ll come back here and split you in two.”

The innkeeper managed to keep his composure, “Okay okay. No need for violence. I’ll tell her.”

“Good, and tell her I went on ahead.” Arissa was smiling as she walked out of the inn.



Arissa paused outside of the inn. “I need to make sure that little twit doesn’t follow me.” She aimed a spell at the door and ice erupted from her hands. A terrified villager slowly crept away.



“There. That should hold her.”




Arissa walked into the street and muttered a spell in an odd language. Spears of ice shot from the ground around her as she lifted into the air.



And in the blink of an eye, she was gone.



**Several hours later**

Celes was flying toward Ivarstead at full speed. She had heard from a local that Arissa had been seen entering the city.




She met with Celine and they traded stories and names. Celine told her about Arissa not letting her rest then freezing the inn door shut. Celes told her a little bit about herself and what she knew of Arissa’s transformation.

Celine took a deep breath, “…but what was really odd is I don’t think she really wanted the Greybeards to let us in. She insulted then and then we came straight back here. And while we were on the path, she fell behind but I could swear she was talking to someone.”




“Wait, you leave that for last? Are you stupid?”

Celine was talken aback,” Well no sense being that rude about it.”



“Sorry,” Celes said, “I’ve been spending a long time tracking her. She was altered by unknown magics and I want to make sure she’s okay. She also may help me find the source of it. Listen, I don’t have anymore time to stand around. I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.” Celine could hear the strange dwemer pack fire up as soon as Celes shut the door.



“If Arissa really is heading to Markarth, maybe I can catch up to her.” Celes was lost in though when she felt something strike her from behind. “What?! This high up?!”



***On the ground ***

“Take that bitch!” Arissa watched Celes fall of the sky.




***Back in the air***

Celes was losing altitude rapidly. She tried to aim for a nearby river.



“Shit!! I can’t pull up!”



Celes fell into an old dwemer shaft sticking out of the river.



Arissa watched the shaft for about an hour and Celes never came back out.

She turned to an unseen figure, “It’s done master.”




***Deep within Blackreach***

Mani wadded through dead Falmer, all killed by his steel.

"By the Nine I will make it to the surface."

He could see the lift and the way seemed clear…






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