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so I uploaded some of the videos I made back then ( sfw and nsfw ) to a google drive, I know some folks of you were asking for them and I decided to load some more up since I had time
here you go



I wan't to upload all of the vids I made over the years ( even the rly rly old bad ones lol )
but the google drive has only 15 GB ... so ye :confused: I rly don't wanna make any more google accounts cus I will lose track :tongue:

any suggestions?





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Well you could try mega, I think it had a 50gb limit but I'm not sure how much bandwidth it allows for. You could also try re-encoding with handbrake or something to 1080 since the current resolution makes the file size so huge.  Just doing some testing reducing to 1080 was about 1/4th of the file size and 720 was 1/8th.

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oh ye, I was thinking about scaling down too, but I don't wanna touch the quality tbh
I think I'll try mega

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