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Elin's New Body



I finally got the time to work on porting the Elin's original body.  The body was missing certain areas of which I can only mention one, parts of the feet that are hidden by the shoes she wears.  I added new materials and have to bake new normals and add textures.  The Elin outfits originally use partial body models to avoid clipping so when I tried some of the new outfits on the complete body, the clippings were more than I expected.  Anyway, just a little progress report.


Of course I can't show the new body (no underwear...yet) so here she is with the Hello Kitty Chambermaid dress.





I'm thinking of redoing the hairs, making them look more natural.  In the meantime, she has a little friend to keep her head covered.







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11 hours ago, PCGameFanatic said:

Damn looking sweet, doing a fine job my friend.

Thank you.  Trying to get this done asap while at the same time making sure everything looks just right which involves time.

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Okay, I found some sports wear in the Elin's wardrobe so now I can show the new body.































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There has been a change in plans.  After baking the normals for the first setup, I took a break (mainly due to illness).  Now upon looking at the files I'm not happy with the results, especially with the Skyrim Elin head having far more polys than the Tera Elin body (neck to be precise) and some anomalies on the body that need some tweaking.


So I'm starting over and this time using the original Elin heads.




There are a total of 12 heads.  This one will be the base mesh and race morph while the remaining 11 will be broken down into separate eyes, nose, and mouth morphs. 

This also will allow me to use the original diffuse textures.



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1st I hope you get better soon, or glad you are better :-). The main thing is to take your time m8. still glad that things are coming along.

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