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Old World Blues



So as the title says I've completed Old World Blues in FNV and after playing it again I have to say it's possibly my favourite DLC out of both FO3's and FNV's DLCs (and miles ahead of nuka world, the DLC I enjoyed the most in FO4) and in the spoiler below are my two favourite characters from the DLC. But it highlights something I felt while playing both FO3 and FO4; Bethesda can't write a good story for shit. The fact that in FO3 they introduced the Enclave as an enemy and made them so technologically advanced that there was no feasible the brotherhood of steel could defeat them without a MASSIVE (literally) plot device in Liberty Prime and while Prime is awesome it is bad writing where they suddenly have the ability to make a superweapon work with just the help of one scientist (I'm fairly certain that Doctor Li is a biologist as well so wouldn't have that much knowledge of how a giant fucking robot works) if they had have dialed back the Enclave's power a bit they wouldn't have to rely on a contrived plot device to get the win needed to advance the story, so where does FO4 come in in regards to this? Because they used Prime AGAIN because once again the enemy the brotherhood was fighting was so much more advanced than they where that they needed a plot device to win and in this case it's even worse since it's just lazy writing.


Also Lyon beat Nice 5-0 on Sunday which I'm very happy about and got me thinking that Lyon are far better than Arsenal have been this season (who struggled to a 1-0 win against Burnley, fair enough Burnley are actually a good team and it was an away game without Ozil (who was sick, but I'll address that point later) but still) considering it seems that they've got their shit together since the beginning where they were throwing away leads (iirc heir only loss this season was to QSG and that was only 2-0) and if they don't beat Atalanta next Friday in the Europa League Arsenal could very well be drawn against them and I don't think Arsenal as they are now are good enough to beat them because Lyon managed that 5-0 win without Fekir who was ill and that's the thing they managed to defeat Nice, who aren't doing too well this season but are by no means a a bad team, 5-0 without their star player whereas Arsenal where only missing one of theirs (although given Lacazette's service in that game they may as well have been missing 2) and still struggled.





Also I think that the Toaster is a far better character than all the human characters in FO4, the only one I kinda liked was MacCready since he was a grown up version of a character in FO3 and honestly I still don't think he was executed all that well.




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