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As of right now I currently have the Arisa Schoolgirl mod, which I've gotten from here https://www.reddit.com/r/Shadowverse/comments/6p5nsk/schoolgirl_arisa_leader_reskin/ which I have already put on this site.


I also have the Nude Luna mod Versions 1, 2, and 3, but unfortunatly I cannot give people the link to those mods since it goes against the terms of service for Loverslab, which is the nudity of a young looking character, but I will give the link to the site that I found the mod and give out the keywords that will make it easier to spot when you're looking for the mod yourself.
Site: https://boards.fireden.net/
Keywords: Luna Nude Mod


I also have the Shade Eris mod which makes it look like you are playing as the 'evil' Eris from the story. Which is already on this site.


There's also the Sleeveless Luna mod which is already on this site made by the same person who made the nude Luna mod I believe.


I don't know why I have this but I also have the Smiling Rowen mod, it's already on this site.


I have the Summertime Version 3 mod from https://www.reddit.com/r/Shadowverse/comments/6lb2kt/summertime_card_mods_updated/ , I am unable to upload the mod here because the file is 130mb and the maximum amount that I am able to upload to the site is 100mb


I also have the Topless Isabelle mod and the uncensored Isabelle mod both of which are already on this site.


And lastly I have the Vampy/Vania nude mod unfortunalty I can't share this because of the same reason as the Luna nude mod.
Use the same site as the Luna mod one and the Keywords are: Topless Vampy Mod


And again, I did not make any of these mods, I give credit to those who I am able to, and I have also found some other nude mods or topless mods, but the people who have video of the characters either don't have them or won't give the files for the mods.


I have found these, but unfortunately there are no links for the mods https://twitter.com/66_8nandeya/status/876512853901008896


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