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Bad News



Well I finally got sick and tired of trying to fix the stupid HDT physics system and just frustrated in general of how unstable my game is and how I have so many mods I don't use anymore but don't know how to remove so I decided to say FUCK IT ALL and I am reinstalling Skyrim. I will try to recreate my character but I am not hopeful. I did record my sliders and have my save files intact so there is that. If I have to I may just download CK and figure out how to transfer the face from that (or ask someone to do it for me *PRETTY PLEASE ;)* ) If I fail I will just start over and try to make something else I guess. I do have a backup of a lot of the mods I use, though i am probably missing a few. Anyway I will update if I make any progress.


*Have to say one more thing* Seriously though it is ridiculous how difficult it is to get HDT running with collision and bounce. The mod has been out for a while and it still doesn't work 50% of the time which is just pathetic. I should not have to use a out of date version of it just so that I can get it to behave correctly. I really hope I can get it working again because when it works it is amazing and some animations I can't bare using them without collision (that isnt HORRIBLY glitched). If any of you with that use this body have a functional HDT setup with breast collision that looks similar to mine please pm me about it or tell me about it on my blog I am becoming desperate to find a solution to this.


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Hey Jerb, I'm curious about your problem with HDT.  What files, plug-ins, extensions, etc are you using?


As for exporting your face, you can use Race Menu to do the export...but re-importing your head back into the game I think will require CK.  Also, I'd like to get the export files of your character's face when possible because I'm still planning on making a stand-alone follower with the body and face you use.  If you need help or still have a question, just shoot me a PM.

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Sorry to hear that, Jerb. Unfortunately, the most I know is creating followers, so I can't really help with the HDT or transferring your character's face using CK (but I am willing to look it up if you can't find anyone else to do it). I know how you feel with re-installing Skyrim. I've been having CTD issues ever since downloading Pinup Poser, and I can't find the files to uninstall it.

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Hello Jerbs....I started playing Skyrim 4 days ago.Naturally,I jumped in vanilla.I was rather disappointed with the overall experience.This led me to my quest of wanting more.I have progressively used and discarded many mods,but I found the elusive mods intruiging.One such mod is the jiggly physics of the female body.I have been using Mod Orgainzer and it has made the hassle less(and a lot less clutter).I highly recommend you take a look @ these:


1) [skeleton]XP32 Maximum Skeleton [X.93ar50].7z



2)HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT



3)HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported by threedeedevil



from one huge boob connoisseur to another


All the best

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