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This one will probably work.

Storms of Superior


I started a new Skyrim mod project a couple of nights ago. It's been slow going without internet service at home to research solutions to problems, but I've made some good progress; most of the "work" portion is done, and, after that, there will be a little tweaking to magic effects to keep things from being too over-powered.


That being said, I want to share a little bit about this latest project:


-First of all, I think that this one is actually going to work, unlike so many of my other projects that have met with limitations, being my own or that of the Skyrim engine.


-Next, this will make small additions to the Dawnguard DLC, which will hopefully change the way the vampire lord RP is played. Like I said, the additions are small, but, hopefully, it will blend well without too much tweaking, if any.


-Lastly, I don't expect this project to be ready for release before next Sunday, 7/23/2017. It will not be released in a final state; I want to add some things to created objects that will require learning.


Thanks for reading, folks.


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