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Chapter 1: Volsung

bodabira 01


Leandra stayed in Castle Volkihar for a few months, securing the loyalty of the other vampires towards her. She wasn't so stupid to trust Vingalmo or Orthjolf but they were still important characters who she didn't want as enemies. On one day she found a new armor and sword and after three months she heared rumors of the most powerful Dragon Priests in Skyrim. Leandra sent the vampires out to find the locations of their tombs and after a few weeks they came back with a few. The first and nearest location was the tomb of Volsung near Solitude in Volksygge.









I still don't like nordic ruins. She thought as she walked in, cleaning her sword of the blood of bandits who lived outside the ruin. I wonder if there are some more bandits in here because if that's so I'm going to have a feast in here. She continued further in the ruin.








As she walked around a corner she saw a bandit directly staring at her.
Hey mate! Look what we've got her'! A good ole' whore! He yellled and ran towards her, his blade drawn and undoubtly expecting her to yield.
Okay I'll get my blood... Leandra thought as she stabbed the first one in his stomach.
You damned slut! He was my friend! The other one screamed and attacked her without looking for his defilade and so she was able to shove her sword in his head.
Damn. You're pathetic. My clan wasn't that weak or we would have died faster. She mumbled quietly as she exposed the throat of the orc.






After a while she happened upon a Draugr Deathlord wich was ready to fight her.
Now that's a challenge... especially alone! She tought and began to cast her fire spells on his dry and rotten body. He tried to hit her but Leandra, who fully knew that if he'd hit her she wouldn't be able to fight him with her full powers, dodged his attacks.




After a long fight she eventually hit him with her sword in his neck, breaking it.
Wow that was really unpleasant. She tought as she cleaned her face from dirt. She kicked his corpse one last time and proceeded.












With every step she took further into the tomb, the more draugr were waiting for her but eventually she was still able to defeat them with realtive ease.






She arrived in a relative large room with two bridges leading over a small river.
Okay that seems like the room before the main chamber. I wonder how Volsung looks like... probably like Vokun. She thought as she crossed the room.




Leandra went up the stairs and saw a draugr in some kind of glass armor sitting on a throne.
You aren't Volsung are you? She thought as she walked towards him. Suddenly the draugr began to move. He summoned skeletons and began casting lightning spells on her.
You're taking all my magic! She screamed and tried to kill the undead as fast as possible.












With every minute she got more exhausted. She was barley able to hold her sword but refused to give up. She knew that when she'd do this she would probably die and rot in this tomb until a brave adventurer found her. She wanted to hit him again but her blade was stuck in his mace and he was able to disarm her. He then hit her with the hilt on her head wich made her falling to the ground. He began to work on her armor and was somehow able to open it.




No...please... She mumbled as he put her legs up, revealing her sex. He took off his armor and Leandra's nose was flooded by the scent of decay and death. She could see his erect member and how he looked at her with anticipation. He placed himself upon her and began to touch her pussy with it. Leandra felt how she slowly got wet, opening herself further for the stinking cock.




With one sharp thrust he rammed his cock in her vulva, reaching her cervix. His thrust got faster and the scent of sex nearly superposed the reek of decay. Leandra felt a sensation as he poceeded to fuck her, her pussy got more wet, to the point where the liquid dropped to the ground. She knew that she couldn't fight him now and that this was better than beeing killed.






After a while she touched his head, hoping that he would understand that he should stop but he didn't. He just growled and rammed his dry member in her.








Leandra lost herself in pure pleasure as he put himself fully in. She moaned in ecstasy, getting louder and louder with every thrust of the draugr.








After a few minutes which seemed like hours to her, he came inside her, releasing a surprisingly fluid cum in her pussy, filling her up to the brim. He continued to lay ontop of her while cumming inside her for a whole minute. He then dressed himself and carried her to exit of the tomb, throwing her armor to her and walking away.








A few days later Leandra came back, still wanting to kill Volsung. As she reached the room with the draugr inside he came towards her. He didn't drew his weapon. He just pointed on the ground, undoubtely wanting to fuck her again. Leandra took her sword and rammed it inside the head of the undead, watching as his life left him.






You didn't think that I'd let you live after you violated me like that, did you? She said to him. Do you know how worried I was that you are still fertile? I had to ask a scholar and that was the most embarrissing thing I had to do in my life! She walked on, opening the door to the outside.




I guess you are Volsung! She yelled as she saw a dragon priest hovering over his coffin. She drew her sword and rushed towards him, hitting him in his arm.








And so the fight went on, until Leandra was finally able to kill him and to take his mask.
Wow that mask looks ridiculous. She thought as some kind of bird-like head looked back at her. At least I feel the power within it. Good. Now the next one...



I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Please ignore the crosshair in one of the pictures and please leave feedback! :D


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I didn't know draugrs can cum. they look pretty dry creatures to me ;)

(just teasing you)


Very nice episode.

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I didn't know draugrs can cum. they look pretty dry creatures to me ;)

(just teasing you)


Very nice episode.


Thank you! (I expected as much :D)

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