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Dovahkiin's Infamy - Mechanics




I've got to say. I'm having a blast working on Dovahkiin's Infamy.


At this stage I can confirm the following game mechanics (I'm not gonna spoil any specific quests though)


- Each quest is extremely non-linear and has numerous ways to go about it and many different endings based on certain player decisions and what vanilla quests they have or have not completed (most importantly Dragon's Rising for your identity as Dragonborn)
- The quests all start naturally with a scene or a forcegreet and blends in with the vanilla game, tending to expand the previously 'minor' NPCs with a lot of character depth and an interesting backstory. Also sort of blends in with Amorous Adventures if you play a 'good' character.
- Infamy (any perverse/ evi/ immoral action in public, magnified by the number of witnesses), Perversion (flirt, sex and watching others have sex) and Sadism (killing innocent, raping others, stealing others' spouses) parameters, all dictating what options you have to go about each quests. For example, Being kind and innocent (low Perversion and Sadism), you will be vulnerable to guilt tripping.
- You won't have to start at 0 for all 3 parameters. The mod when first installed will pick up on your SexLab Journal and ask you a few questions to determine your PC's initial personality. There are 22 different nice introductions to your character at the start.
- You can choose your sexual orientation at the start, which affects decisions and plot
- You can turn off Bestiality and straight-up rape.
- Your Infamy affects NPC's decisions and their greetings.
- Completing Dragon's Rising and revealing your Dragonborn identity will help you with certain quests (where you have to ask for favor from a Nord for example) but will increase the impact of Infamy and make you more a target for conquest!
- Attraction mechanic + emotional attachment increases with sex and especially strong with the person that took your virginity (if you started as a virgin). If you get too attached to someone, you won't be able to bring yourself to do harm to that person
- Romance (ie. dating someone) and cheating (and blackmailed when cheating).
- And many many plot twists and surprises :)


Source: [WIP] Dovahkiin's Infamy - All Suggestions Welcome

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So far i liked what I red. I also welcome the possibility to turn off raping, bestiality and similar.

I would like to see the possibility to tun off (as option in MCM menu): sadism (especially), rape in general, not only straight rape.

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