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Version 0.3

  • Added a post-effect system, which will add effects AFTER an item finished digesting. Right now, it's mostly used for hangover effects
  • You can now eat items by looking at them and pressing the hotkey (default "o"). This also allows you to "store" indigestible items in your stomach, assuming you have enough room (and the correct perks)
  • If you press the hot key on a friendly actor, you'll actually be able to make them eat items! Again, they have to meet the requirements.
  • Speaking of which, the perk system now has requirements! Getting bonuses to your stomach capacity ("Making Room for More") now requires that you digest certain amounts of food. Increasing the number of stored indigestible items ("Stomach Storage") requires that you have certain stomach capacities. Finally, to get more out of food ("Extraction Expert") requires that you reach level requirements and digested food requirements.
  • Also added a "God Mode." This will cause the system to ignore your stomach capacity, thus allowing you to eat as much as you want. It will also allow you to take perks freely. This applies to ALL actors.
  • Added a post-effect system that will give effects after an item is digested.
  • FIXED the STUPID inflation function for not working with anything but SLIF. That was my bad. Also decreased how fast the stomach would grow.
  • You now are able to clear out an actor's stomach through the "Vomit" function in the MCM. Any indigestible items stored will be placed in front of the actor in an convenient goo pile.
  • Actors will now slow down if they have an excessively large amount of food in their stomach, even if they have the room for it. (Fullness > 100)
  • Moved keyword additions to a separate .esp file, so that the main file no longer has a dependency on the DLCs

Version 0.22

  • Items marked to have special effects will apply them to the actor if conditions are met
  • You can hide notifications by disabling the Debug option in the MCM (enabled by default)
  • You can pick perks now! There's no requirements to pick them, but they're there!
  • "Making Room for More": increases stomach base capacity
  • "Stomach Storage": Allows the actor to store indigestible items in their stomach. (Coming soon!)
  • "Extraction Expert": Allows the actor to derive additional benefits from certain foods.

Version 0.21

  • Whenever an actor eats an item (or chooses it from a menu (coming soon!)), the inventory weight of said item is entered into a pool while the item itself is saved in an array
  • Every X hours (default is 1), a set portion of this inventory weight is subtracted from. Every additional item in the actor's stomach decreases this portion (Digestion Rate / Number of items in the stomach)
  • Items are marked so that the system knows whether the items are digestible or indigestible (or something else entirely)
  • The stomach base capacity is the maximum amount of food/items that the actor can eat before they experience negative side effects (here, decreased stamina and magicka, reduced speed and heal rate). The higher above the base, the more severe the effects.
  • The total amount over that the actor can go is determined by the stomach stretch (default = 1.5), such that the max value is StomachBaseCapacity *StomachStretch. At this point something bad will happen, but I'm not sure what.
  • Being overcapacity will cause stretch bonuses to kick in. The actor will gain permanent bonuses to their base capacity by being over the base, with higher bonuses being gained the higher the fullness
  • If you meet the requirements, you should see your stomach grow as you eat, and shrink as it digests. The exact formula for how this works needs to be tweaked, but it does work (somewhat)
  • Options are available in the MCM, including choosing what inflation method you want to use and the ability to change certain stats (base capacity, stomach stretch, digestion rate) for actors, among other things.

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Good mod so far but it gets kind of annoying every time I go somewhere it checks all the actors. It be nice if there was an option to not see it at least.

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