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The Arcana Novella Prelude to Chapter 7



blog-0285360001397474054.pngChapter 7 Prelude:




"Judging by the looks of the necklace, it looks to be a Aedric artifact. I believe it is the windseeker." Aneza said appraising the gem that hung from Elra's neck.





"What is the windseeker?" Elra crosses her arms further inquiring. The subtle sounds of background noise as the Bannered Mare winds down in its late hours. Aneza begins to postulate. "Our world consists of artifacts bestowed by the Aedra and the Daedra. As the Daedra are more involved in interfering with mortals, the presence of Daedric artifacts greatly outweigh the Aedric artifacts."







"What separates the two is that Daedric artifacts find their way around by feeding on chaos. Like a parasite, it travels from one destructive hand to the next tipping the scale of order while Aedric are passed from worthy successor to worthy successor to ensure the balance of order. The Windseeker is a gift from Kynareth that allows the user to walk in someone else's memory as they sleep. I'm not sure what receiving the gift means, but I trust that you received it for a reason that only the divines know and I shall not interfere with the will of the divines."







Elra and Aneza continued to talk into the early hours of the morning. While Whiterun huddle in their bed next to the warm fire of the hearth, Elra says her greetings and begins to part for home.







Slipping into her sleeping clothes, Elra lays down and begins drifting on her thoughts. Her thoughts rocking her gently as she dozes off...






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