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Why is Adult video gaming Taboo? (Sims 4 Wicked WooHoo)




I like Animated Erotica! There, I’ve said it! So go ahead and boo and hiss and throw your tomatoes. I’ve always loved animation since I was a kid and in my mind nothing has changed. How is it now that since I have made a video comic out of the kind of nudity and sex that I prefer I am all of a sudden labeled as a pervert?!.. I guess Anime where women are outrageously over exaggerated with huge boobs and freaky eyes and hair and games where you get points to rape women is fine but take a realistic looking 3D animated female form and engage her in sexual content and I become the Antichrist. Bombarded with copy write threats and worse from so called moral upstanding citizens who see me take a game their kids play and turn it into an erotic video comic. First more adults play Sims then kids do any day and if I was the only one who felt this way how come there is so many nude skins and other mods for the game that EA has no problem with?? I just think we need a new standard is all. And I’m naming it “Animated Erotica”


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P.S. for the Amazing animators who invented and contributed to Wicked Woohoo you'll find your name and/or trade name in the credits of each and every comic I do ... If I missed anyone please message me and let me know .. Your mod has changed my life and I'm great full! 

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America at least was founded on deeply religious and puritanical values which to some degree still persist today.

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What did you expect? You get into trouble for just changing your clothes under a towel on an american beach and don't use dressing rooms somewhere.

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