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What i think... The War Within.



Warning! This entry contain spoilers, you read it in your very fucking own risk. Actually who cares today for spoilers? xD



Year ago, Digital Extreme started making new cinematic quests with Second Dream... The War Within is new chapter after second dream where more of operator past was revealed and unlocking true potential.


Of course not everything might went well, there is as well sinister plot maked by Grineer queens, until this quest thier... Look was hidden even from us. So the older Grineer queen wanted use operator body as her own, because she was tired of using Grineer female bodies, because they are ugly etc. But what was a point with Teshin? He lead us to the queens and betrayed us! Of course when our warframe is captured by the queens, we got somekind of nightmares revealing operator past and even more details about Teshin.


To be honest? This quest didin't make me hyped for more Warframe stuff. DE wasted only time, resources and money on making quest which is cool kinda, but instead of that. They would fixing game out of bugs.


Warframe got great lore, but game is fucked up.

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