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Sera and Ashe: The Meeting 3





Heya! So this is the conclusion to the story of the meeting between Ashe and Sera, and I gotta say it's pretty cute! >_<
I hope you guys enjoy it and the little epilogue *wink wink* I added at the end. Next I think I'll introduce a new character into the fray! :heart:


NOTE: The epilogue contains adult content hidden in a spoiler tag.


Part 1



Ashe: So hey, thanks again for saving my ass back there. It's been a long few days for me.


Sera: Don't mention it, I couldn't forgive myself if I ignored a cry for help.


*Opens Doors*




Ashe: Ahhh.... how nice it is to finally get some fresh air! That bloody cave was so damp and stuffy.




Ashe: Now that we're finally outside, I think I should give my savior a little.... reward.




Ashe: Say Sera.... why don't you close your eyes for a little bit, I want this to be a surprise.




Sera: Umm... sure? *closes eyes* But you really don't have to-




Ashe: *kiss*


Sera: ....hmmm!!




Sera: mmmhh!!! *eyes open wide*




Sera: Wh-wh-whaaaaaa!!???? ASHE!!




Ashe: Hehehe... Did you enjoy my little surprise?




Ashe: Well it's a little unfair since I enjoyed it too, take this. It's a magic ring that I got along my adventures, I want you to have it.




Sera: Oh wow, this looks way too valuable, there's no way I could....


Ashe: Hey, you saved my life. It's the least I can do, seriously, it's yours.




Sera: Well... it's a beautiful ring Ashe, I love it. Thank you.




Sera: So what are your plans now that you're a free woman again?




Ashe: Well, honestly, I'm beat. I'll probably find a tavern nearby and get some rest before I set out for Riverwood.


Sera: I see... you have business there?


Ashe: Well I've recently... acquired a new home there, so I'd love to settle in!


Sera: I have a feeling that I'd rather not know how you got it.




Ashe: Well, I'd best be on my way now! I hope our paths cross again... pretty bird.






Vinius: Evenin' Lass! How may I be of service to ya this fine night?




Sera: Hey there, it's been a long day, I think I'll just get a room for the night. No drinks tonight.


Vinius: Ah bloody shame that is, but ya do look tired out. I got a spare room upstairs fer ya, second door on the left.


Sera: Thanks, here's the payment. *tosses a small sack of gold*




Sera: (I still can't get what happened today out of my head... Ashe, huh?) *Takes off scarf*




Sera: (That was my first kiss too...)




Sera: (Not that I really minded, it felt kinda good.)


*crashes on the bed*




Sera: (It's been a long day, but I feel so restless.... my body feels kinda hot... and my lower parts are tingling.)


!Solo Scene!




Sera: Ahh!! (I've touched myself before, but... it's the first time it's felt this good!) Mmmmhhhh, why am I so wet already? Maybe this will make me feel better...




Sera: Ahh!! It went in so easily.... mhhmm, why do I feel so horny today? Ah.... it must be Ashe's fault... I can't stop thinking about her....




Sera: Ahhhh.... Ashe.... mhmmm... your body was so hot back there... I miss the taste of your lips, it was so soft too.... AHH!! (Oh crap, I think I'm close...) Ahhh!!!! Ngghghhhh, deeper..... mmmm.. a little bit more.... ahhhhh... CUMMINGGHHH!!!





Sera: Oh fuck.... that felt so good.... it's never felt that good before. Hahhh... hahhh... dammit Ashe.


P.S To those who noticed the fps counter on the gifs... oopsie. :shy:


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Nice work on the poses and expressions, it emphasizes a little scene into something much greater. :)


Thanks, expressions are really hard to pull off, but they're also super important to make the characters more realistic. I'm still trying to get better at it, but I try not to over-do the expressions or make it too comical, well.... unless the situation calls for it :P

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Wow this was really cool, ha ha and I didnt notice the fps counter til you pointed it out

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