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Lexicon Number: Seht-324



By the Order the Synod

Lexicon Number: Seht-324

Lexicon Index: Illusory , Daedric, Predatory, Sentient, Sapient


It is likely that a member of the Synod or general public will encounter S-324 uneventfully, and will remain unawares of her capabilities or nature. However, it is suggested that all members avoid prolonged contact with S-324 unless absolutely necessary. The Imperial Legion has suggested contacting S-324 for recruitment as an agent, as she continues to demonstrate willing cooperation with both the legion and local governors.


Seht-324 (Given Name: Eyo’lyth) appears as a young female of mixed Nordic and Bretonian decent. She bears blue eyes with similar appearance to a common house cat, and long, dark hair. A pair dragon wings and tail protruding from her back which have been scaled to her size. Her head is also adorned by three (3) pairs of horns.

She has proven capable of normal interaction with society, and is very sociable. She displays an affinity towards the dawnguard and hostility towards vampires, undead. The subject seems to restrict her predatory behavior to the fringes of society, such as bandits or criminals. This behavior is likely an attempt to avoid the ire of vampire hunters such as the Dawnguard or Vigil of Stendarr.


The subject exhibits night-time feeding patterns bearing much similarity to Vampires. However, the subject exhibits a far greater control over the effects of her indulgences. The subject has demonstrated great diligence in her selection of targets. Embedded mages within both the Dawnguard indicate that her methods are successful. Unlike a vampire, the subject displays a long endurance between feedings. Although it is possible that feeding events have not been recorded by our field agents.
The subject possesses an exceptional affinity for Illusory magicks, surpassing many of the highest order mages of the Synod. While exemplary, her conjurative abilities allow her to control a surprising number of daedra at once, but she has yet to master more complex incantations. Through the use of unknown magicks, or inhuman biology her weight is sufficiently lowered to attain flight despite her physical strength. Through these abilities the subject will prove to be exceptionally difficult to capture or detain. For these same reasons, however, she will prove of priceless value to the Empire and or the Synod should she be coerced into service. The Subject has shown the ability to mask the exemplary features of her physical appearance at will with great cost to her physical strength. However, she has demonstrated the capability to maintain this form indefinitely so long as she is able to feed..

Men and Mer within in close proximity to the subject have reported a profound sense of heightened sexual attraction towards the subject regardless of their sexual preferences. These symptoms have been recorded without synod agents witnessing any direct incantation or spell and are understood to be a direct consequence of the Subject’s nature.


The results of sexual contact with Eyo’lyth will result in any number of effects. All cases report unquestioning allegiance and affection for her to the point of divulging deep personal secrets. The subject also appears to selectively drain her victims of their life forces, often fatally. Unlike Vampires, Eyo’lyth does not seem to transmit her condition through feeding, and no condition like hers has been found in any other record. Eyo’lyth is capable of exerting control over her feeding, and often times will not feed from those she does not wish to harm.


Evo’lyth is the subject of ongoing observation by the Synod, Mages have been dispatched to observe her and complete behavioral records. She is not to be directly engaged unless absolutely necessary.


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