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Introduction - Synod Reports of Subject Seht-234



Synod Reports of Subject Seht-234


Skyrim is a fantastic roleplaying platform when used correctly. Rather than documenting my character's travels in game from the first person. This blog will reflect entries from the Synod database as they attempt to track and classify her. Expect other conversations, briefings, etc. Depending on how popular this gets, along with my motivation, I might go further in developing the story. For now, we'll keep it simple, and see how far it goes. I need more practice for my creative writing, and LL will function as an excellent anonymous thought dump. Feel free to criticize, critique, and comment. Hopefully the ride is enjoyable for all of us. The blog will mostly be story based, unless the screenshots are of absolute importance. As the story develops and I get more used to this, I'll probably start adding more screens and storyboards to flesh out the whole thing.




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