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Creating Face Presets



  1. Load the saved game containing the character with the face you want to export.
  2. While in 3rd person view, open the console and click on the desired character.
  3. type spf followed by the filename you want to save to and hit enter.
    (e.g. spf luvthisface)
  4. Exit the game and open CK
  5. From the top menu -> Open "File" -> Open "Data".
  6. Check Skyrim.esm and click OK
  7. In the object window: Actors -> Actor -> Preset -> and open the race you want to create the new preset for.
  8. Select any gender preset associated with your saved character's race and gender and open it.
  9. Change the ID to something new.
    ( e.g. "ImperialFemalePreset10" to "ImperialFemalePreset11" )
  10. In the actor window, select the "Character Gen Parts" tab
    ( It's the last tab. Use the arrow button next to the tabs to scroll extra tabs into view )
  11. Click the "Import" button.
  12. Browse to the file you created in #1 and click "Open".
    ( Hair will be Vanilla hair but that's okay. It will allow you to change hair mods later and still use your presets. )
  13. Click the "OK" button in the lower left of the Actor Window. You will be asked if you want to "create a new form". Select YES.
  14. You will then be asked "Are you sure? This object is currently in use by 0 objects and 0 references." Select YES
  15. Select the new preset in the Object Window and hit the CTRL+F4 key
  16. You will then be asked "Export face gen data for all select NPCs?". Select YES
    ( the gray-face bug is caused by not doing step 15 & 16)
  17. In the object window: Characters -> Races and open the race you just created a preset for.
  18. In the Race window, select the "Preset NPCs" tab
    ( It's the last tab. Use the arrow button next to the tabs to scroll extra tabs into view )
  19. In the "Preset NPCS" list right click and select "New"
  20. In the Select Form filter box, start typing the name you gave your preset in #9. You don't have to type it out fully, just enough so you can see it in the list.
  21. Select your new preset and click OK
  22. Click the "OK" button in the lower left of the Race Window.
  23. From the top menu -> Open "File" -> Open "Save". Name your esp file and save.
    ( e.g. "mypresets.esp" )
  24. Then activate your esp using whatever method you use to manage your mods.

You will have a new preset on the race you modded.


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If you want to add more faces to the same esp file you created in #26, for #6 select it instead of checking the Skyrim.esm and hit the "Set as Active File" button and click "OK".

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I got a problem. I tried this method with a custom NPC I created via Enhanced Character Edit. The CME_save folder which contained the triraces slot files were deleted when my harddisk crashed a year ago.

I selected to open Skyrim.esm and CharacterMakingExtender.esp to allow me Character Gen Parts imported from the created NPC, and I did all the steps.


When brought up into the showracemenu, the preset isn't there. I'm guessing it has something to do with facegeoms isn't vanilla. If those presets are made, where did they go?

If you have any idea how to copy custom NPC face geom and make it as a preset, I would very much appreciate it.

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