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Intermission: Buzzer 2

Content Consumer


April Fool's Day Entry
Your regularly scheduled Vault Suit diary will return tomorrow. Which is, like, four hours from now. So your regularly scheduled Vault Suit diary will return in four hours.
In the meantime, let's bring us all up to speed on what's happened in the story so far, eh?
I might end up doing this from time to time, recapping via Buzzer.
This continues from the first one (link)
(special thanks to an anthropomorphic cow)




SoleSurvivor97 is ONLINE.


SoleSurvivor97: Goddamn that's cold! #iceonmygenitals #iguessthatswhytheycallmeacoldfish


SoleSurvivor97: Hello? Is anyone there? Did anyone else make it? Am I the only one left? #yellingintoanemptyvault #whatagreatidea


xXx_VaultTecRep_xXx: I'm still here. #fuckvaulttec


SoleSurvivor97: Anyone more local?


Radical_Dude is ONLINE.


Radical_Dude: Skitter skitter skitter squish #thanksalotbitch


Radical_Dude is OFFLINE.


SoleSurvivor97: Giant bugs. Dinner time! #yumyum


SoleSurvivor97: An ice gun. I'll come back for you later, and leave the corpse of my spouse to rot. #atleasthisfleshisinafreezer


SoleSurvivor97: Bright light!


SoleSurvivor97: Codsworth! What are you doing here?


FishValue: I is trimming this plants. #isntitobvious #dumbass


SoleSurvivor97: Seen anyone? Specifically anyone in my immediate family? #searchingformyson


FishValue: No. Lets us go kills bugs together. #multipurposebuzzsaw


want_some_maggots: Bzz? Bzz bzz bzz! Bzz bzz. Bzz bzz? Bzz. Squish. #bzzbzzbzzbzz #thanksalotbitch


want_some_maggots is OFFLINE.


SoleSurvivor97: More big bugs. Breakfast tomorrow. #yumyum


SoleSurvivor97: Concord here I come. #settingouttofindmyson


SoleSurvivor97: Dead dog in the road. Meat on it! How long has it been dead? Doesn't matter! #yumyum


MOSS_KEE_TOES_2077: Bzz bzz bzz squish #thanksalotbitch




SoleSurvivor97: Bloodbug meat. Light snack. #yumyum #mylarderisgettingfull


banditboys: nu viktum. o shit. squish. #thanksalotbitch


Pressed_On_Garvey: Abandon your quest! Kill people! Join us! Resistance is futile!


xXx_VaultTecRep_xXx: That's what I said, but nobody believed me. #fuckvaulttec


SoleSurvivor97: Sounds good to me! Let's murder some folks!


banditboys: oh noes mi face melts #thanksalotbitch


SturgeonSimulator: Here you go, one personal tank just for you.


banditboys: fukk me. squish agin. #thanksalotbitch


banditboys is OFFLINE.


ClawsOfDeath: Raar! Raurgh grar gruuh gaarga! #humantastesbetterthanmirelurk


SoleSurvivor97: Me and my metal suit will take care of it.


ClawsOfDeath: Rawr! #clawclawbite #ametalsuitisallyouvegot #dontmakemelaugh


SoleSurvivor97: Eat lead, bitch! #gotanewasshole #tailorneeded #didntknowthatcouldcomeoff


ClawsOfDeath: Squish. #thanksalotbitch


ClawsOfDeath is OFFLINE.


Pressed_On_Garvey: Wow. That was impressive. #whyiseveryonesayingsquishallthesudden


SturgeonSimulator: It's all in the metal suit.


SoleSurvivor97: It chafes my genitalia. #ouch


Pressed_On_Garvey: Help us! #lazysettlerscantdotheirownshit


SoleSurvivor97: Yay! Baby can take care of himself! #lazysettlerscantdotheirownshit


SturgeonSimulator: Do these chores around the place and I'll respect you. #whatarube


SoleSurvivor97: Okay! #whatarube


SturgeonSimulator: Now do these other chores and I'll respect you. #whatarube


SoleSurvivor97: Okay again! #whatarube


Pressed_On_Garvey: Now schelp across the world and help other people and I'll respect you. #whatarube


SoleSurvivor97: Okay! #whatarube


SoleSurvivor97: Lungs filling with water. Is this a bad thing? #howdoesbreathingworkagain


SoleSurvivor97: Look, a junkyard! Going to find a new friend!


BigMetalRobot01: That's right baby, you really turn me on. #flipthatswitch #ohyeahyouknowhowilikeit


RadStud44: Oh deer me. #getititsapun #nobodyislaughing #whydoesnobodyeverlaughatmyjokes


RadStud44 is OFFLINE.


SoleSurvivor97: Squish again. More food too. #yumyum #burstagutwithglowingradiatedvenison


This concludes this week's episode of Buzzer.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled Vault Suit diary: Part 6.
In, like, four hours. Now.


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Antropomofo_cow is ONLINE.

Antropomofo_cow: LOL! #cute #nosquish #doesthisuddermakemyasslookbig

Antropomofo_cow is OFFLINE.

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