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It’d been months since the poor woman had been abducted from the wastes; she was part of a traveling caravan along with three other men, all of whom had been killed by the mutants. She wasn’t spared a quick death. She was abducted and countless mutants had been having their way with her for many hours. After the first few days of captivity and forced impregnation she’d lost track of time. She had been condemned to an existence tied to a bed spring on a makeshift mattress in the scorching heat of the Mojave Desert housed in a shack, for the purpose of breeding super mutant offspring. Her clothes had been all but torn off. She’d been shackled and released only for eating and bathroom breaks in which she’d be under the watching eye of the mutant who tended to her.


Now she lay heavily pregnant and awaits a birth. She had mixed emotions when she initially fell pregnant. On one hand she’d been impregnated by a radioactive super mutant and at that point had no choice but to birth his young. On the other hand the mutants handled her more gently when her tummy visibly bloated if only for the well-being of her body to give birth.


Often she’d wondered if she’d ever see the New Vegas stripes again, her family, her husband. She’d missed her days of caravanning and her previous life. The thought of her husband knowing or seeing her in that condition deeply embarrassed her and in a way she’d thought….at least if she didn’t make it out alive her husband might be spared the details of what happened and what she’d been used for. She was a shapely woman, once, the ideal fertile breeder whom the mutants were all too ecstatic to get hold of.


Straining against the leather around her wrists and feet bound with chains she screamed in pain as the baby moved violently around her stomach. Another wave of pain shook her and she bashed her head against the bed frame. All the mutants were now gathering around to watch this miracle of birth. The leader of the clan was bending her knee sideways as to get a better view of her vagina. At this moment through all the pain she was thinking of her family, particularly her husband to get through this.


Due to it’s massive size and her weakened body it wasn’t coming out easy, so the lead mutant got impatient and started to grab the baby and pulled roughly. Her screaming painfully echoed through the room. At long last the mutant baby was out and she could breathe and relax. The massively oversized baby was…..an ungodly sight, but she felt relieved to be done with it. Soon after the delivery the mutants started looking at her and fondling her boobs, she knew her fate was sealed once more.


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