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Story: Dramatis personæ and notes




This post is to serve two purposes; an introduction to the first group of characters to accompany Storm in the first part (chapter? arc? Haven't decided on how to split each section up yet, I'll get to that later) of the story as well as notes on the overall story for my own reference in future. I have a solid idea for 3 maybe 4 parts it's just deciding the order on them after the first part (which is going to involve the companions) but I'll deal with that when I get to it.


Anyway onto the characters;


Storm - the main character, the entire point of this story is to follow her trying to cure the downside of her immortality (explained elsewhere in this blog, cba linking to it though.)


Garm - Storm's pet, a product of a collaborative effort between her and Teneicha in an attempt to cure the downsides to their immortality; he's immortal, larger than your typical husky and other than that is a completely normal dog.


Iona - Storm's housecarl, her family has served Storm for generations.


Mjoll the Lioness - An adventurer whose life Storm saved, she swore her service to Storm and will accompany her on her quest.


Aela the huntress - member of the companions, will expand on her over the course of the story.


Various others - characters who I don't plan on having play any big part; Farkas, Vilkas, Skjor and Kodlak mainly.



Notes (for my convenience, read if you want but they might spoil the first part/chapter/arc/whatever)


Storm is joining the companions due to finding out about them being werewolves. Her experiments with Garm (they weren't cruel and Garm is perfectly happy being her pet) have led her to believe that having a bit of bestial side might help cure the drawback to her immortality. She'll go through the big parts of the quests in order to get to that point. Her finding out if her theory is correct will be in the last part of it


rest of the story;

- something with the Dawnguard, possibly exploring her distaste of vampires

- Dragonborn, putting Miraak in his place and becoming more powerful in the process, as well as something to tie into her overall story

- a cluster of interesting sidequests, starting with her dealing with Potema


Will circle through the "cast" for each chapter/arc/part/whatever only Iona and Garm will be consistent companions.



More images;





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