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So my morning was fucked



So ya was just putzing around on Nexus early this morning, getting mods, trying new stuff out, you know how it is. Decided one of the mods I installed to try I didn't like. Was a manual install with Meshes, Textures and an esp. Anyway I went to delete the ESP, and for some VERY STUPID FUCKING REASON DIDN'T REALIZE I STILL HAD THE MESHES AND TEXTURE FOLDERS HIGHLIGHTED!!! I don't have things go to the windows recycle bin when I delete, they just straight delete. SOOOO, I think you can guess what happened......


YUP, started to delete my entire meshes folder. I realized it and hit cancel, but by then some MAJOR damage had been done. Things delete included my ENTIRE meshes\actors folder, so ya all of Celestials, as well as character assets, behaviours, animations, the whole nine yards.


I found a program that let me recover deleted data, sadly a lot of it was corrupt. This includes the new stuff I've been showing off. Not all of it, but enough to really piss me off.


What a shit day this is turning out to be.


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Backup. ~40 GB in my skyrim folder takes about 20 min to save on an external HDD. It's just a matter of plugging the thing into the computer and ctrl-c / ctrl-v.


Because shit will always happens.

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