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Started a Blog....



Started a Blog here in LL to let anyone who may give a shit know what I am up to on a daily basis.


So today I putzed around a little in the morning with redoing the Celestial File paths and folder structure. I'm only doing this a SMALL amount each day, maybe an hour at most, as it is a big endeavor but really serves no other purpose other than to better organize the Celestial Mod. I kinda hate having assets being called from the old legacy Celestial armor Folder(s) and really want everything actors\characters\Celestials. Probably take me over a month to do at the pace I feel I want to. That's fine anyway, I don't want to finish it until I have something new to release with Celestials anyway, as I would just have people download a mod they already had with just a different file structure anyway.


For some reason while working on the WereWolf OverHaul mod I got it into my head to make a "mashup" of my own Celestials Mod. This was just a little thing started last night that pretty much has turned into my entire day. What started as a mashup is ending up being a "new" set of armor, aptly namned "Shaydow" ( so Shaydow Chest, Shaydow Panty, etc ). Ended up retexturing a lot of things, changing shaders and some alphas, adding new pieces, lol. Maybe I will link some Screenshots here in the blog to give you guys an idea later on of what I'm talking about. Funny thing is I didn't start it as a part of Celestials, it's just a "personal" mod that has gone to far now in the last couple hours, and I can see it being something people might like. I have no idea if I should continue on with the esp I am making for it, or just say fuck it and start adding it into Celestials.....


First of my 2 girls will be off the bus in about an hour or so, and if she had a good day ( over an 80 in academia for the day ) then after she finishes her homework she gets to come out into the living room and play Free Realms on the 3rd computer. I don't usually work mods or play Skyrim when she is out here, as well, my mods are pretty sexual, and while my wife understands it's just my hobby and that my online girls are my "mistresses", I don't really want my girls seeing over sexualized females in the game Daddy is playing. I don't want them growing up thinking that's what guys ( or Daddy as the case may be ) expect from women. Hence, I don't usually mod or play when they are around my computer.


I try to be a good Dad, it is after all, my damn job.


--- Added 2 quick screenies of what I was tlaking about. Think I'm gonna go ahead and put 'em in the "show off your skyrim character" thread, that might get a rise or two :P


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