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Flame-Child Chapter Twenty: Deception



Chapter Twenty: Deception


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Meanwhile back at Niyleen’s…


The sounds of someone banging on the door rang out through the hall.
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Continuous and without end it went on and on begging to be answered.
Posted Image
However, more than anything it was an annoyance in the previously silent filled home of the Raging Inferno.
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An annoyance that would soon be put to an end.
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Niyleen had cooled off and was peacefully sleeping when the banging sounds flooded her room coming wave after wave with no remorse.
Posted Image
“Zzz…zz…mmm…stop…banging…” she said sleepily. But her wish went unfulfilled as the pounding continued for minutes on end.
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Unable to fully go back to sleep, Niyleen rose from her slumber and felt numb all over.


(This feeling… I remember it well…) Niyleen remembered her Ascension ceremony, the whole reason this mess was occurring in the first place, and sighed heavily. (At least then I was able to just pass out.)
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“Lucari!? Carciel!?” Niyleen said as she got up. She tried to yell, but there was no strength in her voice. (Either they’re some heavy sleepers or they’re not in…)
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“By the Nine can you please stop? Some of us are trying to sleep!” she said a bit more firmly, but again was ignored. (Really, where are Lucari and Carciel?)
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Niyleen sat up and tried to gather herself. Normally after one of these bouts she was out for hours, sometimes half a day, and even then she felt lightheaded and unsteady. But sleep would have to wait if she was ever to get this banging to end.


“Who… could it be at this hour,” she said yawning. “It must be way past midnight and I wasn’t… expecting anyone...”
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Taking a deep breath, Niyleen slowly eased onto her right leg and when she felt comfortable did the same with her left. She then pushed off the bed and made her way to the door. However after a few steps her legs gave out and she had an unwelcome meeting with her stone floor.


“Owwie…” she whimpered now having to deal with this new source of pain.
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“I don’t ‘owwie’ you say,” Niyleen groaned as she began to crawl across the floor. “You just don’t know all that much about me you stupid, selfish, ignorant…”
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“…Selfless, caring, lovable creature that I just can’t stop lying to…” Niyleen sighed and slowly got to her knees as she approached the door to her room. “I’ll come clean to her. Tomorrow. I’ll tell Lucari everything…”


Aww… that’ll be no fun. Said a whisper.


“Huh?” She looked around but there was no one there. “I must be out of it still. This power… I’ve got to learn how to control it.”
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As she exited her room, Niyleen again got to her feet, and while watching her steps staggeredly made her way towards the front door. The closer she got the louder the banging became and the more clearly she could hear the voice from before.


Control it? It’s not even yours.


“Not mine… what are you—Nega…”
Posted Image
It took you long enough, Me.


“Why… how can I… hear you?” Niyleen said coarsely.


How? “Like this,” Nega said speaking directly from Niyleen’s mouth. “I beat you and unlocked my cage. I told you I would be free, and now you and the rest of Skyrim are going to witness the birth of the TRUE Raging Inferno. Not just from the Reach however, but of ALL OF TAMRIEL!”


Niyleen’s heart began to race. (If she gets full control then… Lucari’s in trouble!!) In her panic she misjudged a step and fell down once again right before getting to the door, but now she could hear not only the banging, but a voice accompanying it.


“…I said open up! I have a decree by the Jarl and I was trying to be courteous. If you don’t open the door in the next thirty seconds I WILL break it down!”
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“So what are you going to do Niyleen? Are you seriously going to let a guard see you once again in the nude?” Nega said laughing.


Niyleen froze, remembering how ill it made her feel to be stared at by the guards in the public baths. But her mind was made up for her when she heard the guard begin to speak again.


“Alright time’s up. I’m coming in!”


Hurriedly Niyleen got to her feet and when outside closing the door behind her. “Is… is t-there a p-problem sir?” She saw the way he was looking at her and felt sick. He was one of the guards that seemed to always be on duty when she used to frequent the baths. Jarte or Terte was his name and she’d never forget how uncomfortable this Redguard made her feel.


“Yes there is,” he said rather frankly. “It seems that you’ve been accused of…!! Gods woman! Put on some robes, before I begin feeling unseasonably warm. Besides, I have a wife you unsavory woman!”
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“Y-yeah, s-sorry about that.” Niyleen was getting goosebumps. Being naked in front of people wasn’t weird or strange to her, but this man in particular was just as scary as the Forsworn. He may have forgotten, but she’d never forget the passes he made at her that she had to endure just to avoid going to Cidhna. “A-anyway, what can I do you for?”


The guard paused to take in all of Niyleen before saying, “Ah yes. I have a writ here that states that by the power of Jarl Igmund and under the authority of Heilda Oath-Keeper, I am here to place you under arrest for the crimes of murder, theft, assault, and lollygagging.”


(By the Nine… lollygagging?)
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“Um, I t-think you have something mistaken. Oath-Keeper promised me a pardon if I ever—”


“She said you’d try to bring her name up as well. We’ll add lying about a city official to your charges as well.”
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(I don’t feel so good…) Niyleen laid against the wall a let the cold stone soothe her back.


Then I think it’s time that I took over.


“No wait—!!” But it was too late.


“Wait for what?” the guard said.


“Oh, nothing in particular,” Nega said licking her lips.
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“A-as I said, I’m a married man and your attempts as seduction won’t impede me in this arrest.”


“And yet I’ve yet to make any attempts at seduction, yet,” Nega said in a sultry voice.
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“Then how do you explain… this!” The guard gestured at Niyleen’s appearance.


“To be fair, I was asleep after a bath and YOU interrupted that sleep. I wasn’t going to open the door but your threat of breaking into my house was rather…convincing.”


(That was rather… sound.) Niyleen admitted.


“Breaking into!? I am a man of the law you harlot! How dare you accuse me of such criminal acts!”
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Nega suddenly let out a moan that shocked Niyleen and the guard. “Oh, I’m sorry, you were saying something? Looks like I’m the one that got unseasonably warm.” She stuck two fingers inside her mouth and began licking them erotically.




What I want to.
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“But, haa… you were… haa..ha… saying something?” Nega said as she began to finger herself.


“B-by the gods woman… have you n-no shame?”


“Shame? You… said…. aaahn ©!… t-that I was trying to seduce… haa… y-you. As a woman w-with standards… ha… haa… I refuse to be ac-cused of acts I’ve not commited… Ahnn!”


Niyleen thought her heart was about to break free from her chest. She was so hot, flustered, and… horny?


(What are you doing!? Why am I feeling this way?)


Believe me, you’ll thank me when it’s over.


(No, no I won’t.)


You’re right. Hahahaahahaaa!
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“D-d-d-damn it woman! I’m taking you in now!”


“Aww, what’s the matter?” Nega teased. “Don’t tell me you’ve got snowberries down there?”


“YOU BITCH!” The guard’s voice echoed throughout the city, and Niyleen knew it had to have sobered up more than a few citizens and woken even more.
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(Are you insane? He’s gonna take me to Cidhna. US to Cidhna!)


Yeah well that’ll be your problem.


(Wait what!?)


Nega held her arms out obediently and said, “Okay mister guardsman sir. I’ve had my fun. You can take me in now.” She gave him a wink and a smile that made him blush.
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The guard cuffed Niyleen and quickly hauled her off to Cidhna with a huff, not stopping or acknowledging any of the looks his fellow guardsmen were giving the two of them. When they arrived he took the cuffs off and took her over to the platform overlooking the prison. “I hope you rot in here you slutty bitch.”
Posted Image
Time for you to tag in. All this fun’s made me kinda sleepy.


(You ass!!!)


Niyleen could no longer feel Nega’s presence and finally had control over her body again. Frantically she tried to plead with the guard, begging him to believe that she wasn’t herself earlier and that she didn’t mean any of what she said, especially about the snowberries bit.
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Enraged and without warning, he shoved Niyleen off the platform and into the prison below.
Posted Image
“Ay Borkul.”


“What is it Uraccen?”


“Think today’s gonna be anything special?”


“If pussy isn’t falling from the sky, I don’t care how today is. Stop bothering me with your nonsense.”
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Suddenly Niyleen crashed back first into the ground interrupting the two prisoner’s conversation.
Posted Image
“I hope they rip you apart like the rabid beasts they are,” the guard yelled before exiting the mine.
Posted Image
“So…. Borkul,” Uraccen said again. “That’s some pussy over there that fell from the sky. Think today’s gonna be—”
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“Shut your trap before I shut it for you,” Borkul snarled. “But I will admit that is some nice ass over there. Looks soft… and tender.”
Posted Image
The fall seemed to jolt something in Niyleen because she was quickly able to get to a knee, though her lightheadedness seemed to have returned.


“Ouch…” she cried softly.
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(I can’t believe I made it to Cidhna…) She was so disappointed that in all her years of avoiding this place like Rockjoint, when she finally came here she all but willingly gave herself up. (I’m big time now mother. I’m sure you’re so proud.)
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“Hey new meat,” said a voice to her right. She turned and saw a half dressed Orc with a pickax looking at her like she was just that, a piece of meat.
Posted Image
“Y-yeah?” She stayed low and made sure not to show any signs of weakness.


“Don’t worry your pretty little ass,” the Orc said. “I won’t hurt you… as long as you follow the rules.”


“Rules? What rules?”


“The most basic one we have,” the Orc said with a laugh. “All new meat goes through Borkul the Beast.”
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Niyleen rose to her feet and got into a fighting stance.


“Woah woah woah! Why are you being so hasty, bitch?”


“I’m not going to let you fuck me,” Niyleen said starkly. Her legs felt a bit shaky, but she tried to hide it as best she could.“It’ll be a cold day in Elsweyr before I let that happen.”
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Borkul laughed. “Ha, a stuck up bitch. Perfect. It’s always these ones that give me the most fun. Seeing them go from hostile to docile always gets my dick hard.”


“I’m not a docile bitch, so sorry if you’re going to have to live with a limp dick while I’m around.”


“Snappy too,” Borkul said. “This will indeed be fun.”
Posted Image
“But before we get down to business, tell me, what was it like killing your first one, huh?”


“My first one?” Niyleen said taken aback. She had to think about it since she was now numb to it for the most part. “I was twelve. And was caught in a rich bastard’s carriage. It was kill or be killed and well, I’m alive aren’t I?”


“A true killer then, like me,” Borkul said with a smile. “The gods put us here to fill their halls with souls. Yeah, you'll fit in fine down here, right after I fill your hall.”
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Niyleen was getting antsy. “Why aren’t you making your move? I’m right here you oaf!”


“In time bitch, in time,” Borkul said calmly. “You see I’m a connoisseur of meat if you will. I don’t just dig right in. I like to take my time. Get to know the ins and outs of it before I devour it.”


“You’re a picky ass Orc is what you are,” Niyleen said. She finally felt like herself and was rearing to go apeshit all over this Orc’s head.
Posted Image
“I’m sorry you feel that way meat.” He nodded and Niyleen heard footsteps behind her.


“What the!?!”
Posted Image
Suddenly Niyleen was tightly hugged from behind and felt something warm and wet on her shoulder.


“W-w-w-what the!?! What are you doing!?” Niyleen said feeling her face flush as she was attacked.


“Sampling the goods,” the Breton said as he continued to lick her shoulder making his way to her neck while caressing her in other places.


“G-get off me you creep!” She tried to break free of his grasp but something was wrong, terribly wrong.
Posted Image
As the Breton continued his assault Niyleen began to feel weaker as a warmth swelled in her chest. (Shit this isn’t good. I still feel a bit horny from Nega’s actions earlier.)


“You’ve done your part well Uraccen, now it’s time to really have some fun.”
Posted Image
“Look woman!”


Niyleen took her eyes off the Breton and immediately wished she hadn’t. “W-what do you think you’re going to do with that thing?”


“It’s quite simple,” Borkul said. “Resist and get fucked, give in and get filled. As I said, all new meat goes through Borkul. Just because you’re cute and feisty doesn’t mean you’re also exempt.”
Posted Image
(Shit…) “F-fine…”


Borkul nodded and Uraccen pushed her to the ground in front of the Orc. “Take your leave.” When the Breton did as instructed, Borkul laughed and said, “I thought you weren’t going to be docile. What happened to that fire, bitch?”


(That’s… kinda big…) “What am I supposed to do with this?” Niyleen said angrily. “I’m telling you now that that’s not gonna fit in me.”
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“I want you to do what all bitches do, suck it!”
Posted Image
Niyleen looked back and forth from Borkul’s penis to his face before saying, “Fine. If this is it, then whatever.” She brushed her hair back, opened her mouth and began to suck on his throbbing dick.
Posted Image
“Oooh… that’s it… suck it like the dirty slut you are. Fuck! No teeth, meat!”
Posted Image
(This is impossible!) Niyleen’s jaw hurt after a while and she was beginning to feel nauseous, but she endured through and serviced the Orc as best she could. It wasn’t soon before the Orc began to thrust his hips trying to go deeper and deeper down her throat. (This fucker…)


“Oh yeah… don’t.. stop… just like that… This technique… haa… how many men have you been with to get this good…”
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It wasn’t long before Borkul was overwhelmed by pleasure and yelled out in a pleasure filled voice, “Ah… that’s it, I’m about to cum!!”


(No you’re not!)
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Borkul let out the most painful but silent scream that Niyleen ever heard as the pain ripped at him making him ball up in excruciating pain.


“Borkul the Beast, more like Borkul the bitch,” Niyleen said with a laugh after spitting his dick out and wiping the blood from her mouth. “And like I said, I’m not a docile bitch, you ass! And when’s the last time you bathed you fuck. I almost threw up not only due to its size but the scent. It was absolutely terrible!”
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All Borkul could do in response was continue to silently scream and take what Niyleen was giving. However, her taunts didn’t last long as soon she heard footsteps coming quickly from her right.


(This guy again…)
Posted Image
Without hesitation, Niyleen ran toward Uraccen catching the Breton off guard as she dealt a crushing knee to his throat, crumpling him.Posted Image


Posted Image
(Pigs… Julianos, guide me.) She wanted to gloat, wanted to scream, but she didn’t. Niyleen was getting an increasingly biased view against men and she knew it, but it wasn’t going to completely ruin her jail time. (I made Borkul his lackey my bitches. If I don’t do anything reckless, maybe I’ll be able to lay low… if I don’t break out.)
Posted Image
Delving deeper into the mine, Niyleen was met with strange looks, but after hearing what just happened, no one did so for too long. (Either they’re afraid or intrigued, either way, at least I won’t be bothered for a while.) Continuing on, she encountered a meditating High Elf that looked somewhat out of place within this den of thieves. “Who’re you,” Niyleen said more rudely than she had intended.
Posted Image
He took a moment before answering. “On the outside, I’m known in the North as the Charming Wizard, the Vivacious Vigilant in the East, but I’m most notably known as the Swindling Savant. In here the wise call me Hermit and the ignorant, Pointy-Ears.”
Posted Image
“So you’ve got a bunch of nicknames, big deal.”


“Nicknames, titles, they may mean little on the outside, but they inevitably reveal one’s true nature when united. However,” the High Elf said. “For the lady that brought Borkul down a literal peg, and thus relieving me of the brunt of his anger temporarily, you may call me Telind.”


“Telind…” Niyleen said trying to wrap her head around the name. “Weren’t you with Borshul’s crew a few years back?”


“The one and the same.”


“How’s the big lug doing?”


“Dead. Ambushed by a detachment of the Imperial Legion.”


“A common fate,” Niyleen said somberly.
Posted Image
“So what are you in for?”


“Well this time they got me for lollygagging, so I’ll do a week at most.”


“Are you serious!” (One of the gods is clearly playing a cruel joke on me.)
Posted Image
“To make matters worse,” Telind said. “I ended up meeting up with a cute, but cursed, High Elf that I was separated from due to the whole dragon incident. I was at Helgen when it happened and tried to warn the local Jarl when I apparently ended up missing her. Don’t even know if she’s alive.”


“I see…”


“Do you have anyone special to you? If so, hold onto them tightly and never let go. You never know when you’ll see them for the last time.”
Posted Image
“Kinda deep… that or I’m dumber than I thought,” Niyleen sighed.


“We are all as wise as we believe until we are proven otherwise. Don’t fret young Red… is that a Nordic tattoo on your leg?”


“Y-yeah?” Niyleen said taken aback that even this wise Mer had taken an interest in her body.


“A Halfling, wonderful. The perfect display of love. Not just between a man and a woman, but between races. Something that was once taboo, gave birth to such a beautiful specimen.”




“Not at all,” Telind said with a straight face. "I simply refuse to hold back when describing what I see. If you were ugly, your expression would not be as shocked and more angry as I would have called you so. And barring my feelings towards my girlfriend, beautiful is beautiful."
Posted Image
“However, yours is a beauty that I’ve seen elsewhere.”


“There’s no one in Tamriel that looks like me,” Niyleen said proudly. “I’m completely unique in my looks and actions.”


“You actions are borrowed from your experiences,” Telind said getting to one knee. “The order, influence, strength, and emotions evoked from them all shape who you are, and how you project that. So maybe there is truly no one who acts the same as you. However that doesn’t mean that there’s not one who shares your face.”
Posted Image
(He sounds so sure of himself… what in the world is going on?) “Then tell me Altmer, what’s her name?”


Niyleen. She called herself that, but said it was a borrowed name from a time long gone,” Telind replied.


“That’s my name, and I’ve never said that!”


“I was never talking about you, you insignificant impostor. I was talking about the true Niyleen! My Mistress, Lady Soul-Crusher!”


(He’s gone insane. Like completely crazy.)
Posted Image
“Look it was nice chatting with you up until this point but—”




Posted Image
The suddenness and intensity of the surprise shock blast floored Niyleen stunning her and dulling her senses. Her head felt cloudy, and she could have sworn she heard Telind talking to someone else, but couldn’t make out the words for the life of her.
Posted Image
The crazy Altmer then bowed, seemingly showing respect to one of the prisoners that was behind her.


(Am I… going to be… raped? Here? Like… this?)
Posted Image
She heard some garbled out words and then suddenly her senses were back to normal but the shock spell was still in full effect. Screaming in pain, Niyleen was taken off guard when a voice suddenly called out “Silence!” causing her throat to tighten and her screams to be inaudible.


“Now then,” said a rather familiar sounding voice. “It’s great to finally meet with you sister.”Posted Image



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