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Flame-Child Chapter Eighteen: Facing The Truth



Flame-Child feat. Carciel Syliel
Chapter Eighteen: Facing The Truth


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Almost thirty minutes had passed before Carciel finally exited from the room and faced a distraught looking Lucari. (How should I handle this) the Breton thought keeping in mind Niyleens words from earlier. It would be easier to tell Lucari everything, but then again that would make the Nord and ‘Redguard’ enemies. (Gods... diplomacy was never my strong point.)
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Taking a deep breath Carciel decided to go with, “Hey Nor—Lucari. Niyleen will be fine, so you can go and—”


“What makes you think I’d care so much about her condition?”


(What in the…!?)
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Her words and her face weren’t matching up. It was obvious that Lucari had been crying, but why was she making an attempt to at seeming so uncaring towards Niyleen? “Do you have your head screwed on right,” Carciel asked. “You were about to bawl your eyes out before I entered the room, and now you’re dismissing Niyleen’s state altogether?”


“W-what’s the problem? Not like she cared about how her actions would e-effect me.” Lucari said pouting.
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(What the hell is she—!!) Carciel turned her head towards the door and pieced everything together. “Shit… now it all makes sense…”


“If you get it, then leave me alone Car… Syliel.”
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Carciel sighed and shook her head. (These two idiots… I knew this would happen.)
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“Lucari!” Carciel said loud and suddenly causing the Nord to flinch. “I need you to cut this shit out and get your head right.” She felt herself getting angry as Lucari looked away from her. “Look, Niyleen’s condition has become more stable, but even I don’t know how she’s going to end up.”


“And remind me exactly why should I care?”
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(So this is how you’re going to be? Fine!) After taking a final look towards the room Niyleen was resting in, Carciel walked past Lucari and coolly said, “Come with me, milkdrinker.” It took a second, but Lucari obediently followed.
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Carciel led her to the alchemist lab and Lucari finally spoke. “What do you want with me?” she cried. “I said I don’t care about Niyleen and her stupid condition, so why are you bothering with—”
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“Would you please SHUT UP!” Carciel said as she pushed Lucari. “By the Eight, I’ve had it with you two!”
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Lucari tripped and fell to the ground. “Ouch! W-what was that for?”


“‘What was that for,’Carciel mimicked. “You and Niyleen are so oblivious it hurts. She swears that not telling you who she is will protect both of you, and you swear that nothing will ever make you fall out of love with her, but here we are. She’s off trying to not burn herself alive, and you’re on your ass pouting like a spoiled child.”


“I-I don’t know what you’re—”
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Carciel sucked her teeth. “I know you know, Lucari.” She folded her arms and stood over Lucari. “Niyleen’s the ‘Raging Inferno of the Reach,’ the one you've been searching for… The woman that’ll catapult your rise to becoming a heroine.”


Lucari cast her eyes down. “So what I heard was true…”


“And what of it!?” Carciel shouted. “Does knowing what she was change who she is to you? From what she’s told me, she’s been trying to protect you from the moment she met you. If she really was as ruthless and cruel as the rumors made her out to be do you really think we’d be having this conversation right now? Rather, some hunter would be fishing your body out of the Karth River.”
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“What am I supposed to do then?” Lucari said tears forming in her eyes. “Tell me please! I know what you’re saying is right, but I can’t just forgive her. She lied to me, conned me, played me—”


“But you still love her like a fool, don’t you?”


Lucari nodded. “Help me. I’m so mad, so hurt, so… I don’t know.”


(Shit, I’m no matchmaker you idiot.) “I guess… you just accept it?”
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Lucari’s eyes widened. “A-accept it!? How am I supposed to—”


In one swoop, Carciel knelt down and looked Lucari straight in the eyes. “You’re going to act—just like Niyleen has been since she met you—that she’s not the woman you so desperately want to turn in.”




“No buts!” Carciel said. “I need this so I won’t look like an ass for accidentally letting her secret be known. And the two of you need this so you can have a semblance of the relationship that you previously did.”
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“I know you don’t want to hate her, and you know she doesn’t want to be hated by you. You’re ‘not in the dark’ anymore Lucari. So if the front you put on before meant anything then do this!”


“I…” Lucari hesitated and Carciel knew why. This was mistake two for Niyleen, and it was a heavy mistake two. More than before Niyleen had built their relationship on top of lie after lie. And it wasn’t just a simple lie, but rather one that was tearing Lucari’s heart apart.


“Please Lucari,” Carciel pleaded. “I’ll never ask of you something like this again.”


Lucari was silent for a few moments before finally saying, “I’ll try… no, I’ll do it.”
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Carciel fell backwards and smiled. “Thank the Divines,” she sighed, relieved that she had dodged a bullet with this whole affair. As the Breton gathered herself she heard a mumble come from across her. “What was that Pure-Shot? Speak up.”


“Why do you care so much about Niyleen and my relationship? I thought you didn’t care about or like either of us.”


“Haa… ain’t that the truth,” Carciel with a laugh. “I guess… that fight with the vampires may have gotten to me. I owe Niyleen my life, and considering that I wanted—and still somewhat do—to end hers… I think it’s just right to repay that which I owe. Now she owes me double, and I’m sure to cash in soon.”
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“Well then, with all that settled—” Carciel froze as she could have sworn that she heard something off in the distance. (Maybe I’m getting paranoid.)


“Now that that’s settled?” Lucari repeated with a hint of sadness still in her voice.


“O-oh, yeah. Well, I guess I’ll go check on—!!” (There it was again!) She turned and faced where she thought she heard the sound come from, but there was no way that any noise was about to penetrate through these stone walls. “You don’t hear that?”


“Hear what?”
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Carciel got to her feet and turned away from Lucari. (This is odd. I know there’s no way I should be hearing anything, but that sound… it’s so sad… it’s calling me.)
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“…iel? Lucari to Carciel? Are you alright?”




“You seemed spaced out, is everything alright?”


“Not… exactly. As a matter of fact, I’ve got to go check something out.”
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“Then I want to come with you.”


“Yeah sure, wait WHAT!? Nonononono, you’re definitely not coming along,” Carciel protested. “It’s still night out, and those vampires could still be lingering around. I’m not about to have your blood on my hands if something goes afoul.”
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“You can’t have everything go your way Carciel,” Lucari said rather firmly. “I can’t act like I’m not disappointed and angry at Niyleen while being so close to her. I need to get some fresh air, I need out of this house, I need… I WANT to shoot something.”


“Listen milkdrinker, I don’t know—”


“And another thing,” Lucari said angrily sounding completely unlike herself. “I’m a battletested warrior who can handle her own. If we’re going to break facades, then let me tell you this. I’m NOT the sniveling little milkdrinker that you and Niyleen think I am.”


The eyes Carciel gazed into didn’t belong to the same woman that was crying a few moments ago. “Who… who are you?”


“I’ll tell you that when we cross that bridge.” Lucari's voice was cold and authoritative, quite a contrast to how she normally sounded.
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“I’m glad I’m not a Nord because I’m afraid my name would be Carciel Secret-Keeper,” Carciel joked.


Lucari was not amused. “So what’s your answer Breton?”


(These two women will be the death of me.)
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“Sure, fine, whatever,” Carciel said. “You can tag along. I get what you mean about needing some fresh air. It’s a bit too thick in here for my tastes as well. Plus, you’re an archer right? You can probably see quite well in the dark right?”


“That I can.”


(Hearing her talk like this is… odd.) “Well, that’ll come in handy. So let’s get ourselves out of her shall we?”
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“I’m ready when you are,” Lucari said in her normal warmhearted voice.


(One’s got immeasurable uncontrollable power. The other has a split personality… And I thought I had problems.)Posted Image



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