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ActorMod API



The ActorMod API of SGO3 allows you to insert various values that modifies various behaviours, allowing you to mod this mod, in a sense. Terminology wise I will refer to Soulgem Oven as a Third Party Mod, and a Mod FOR Soulgem Oven as a Fourth Party Mod. You need to know a few things before inserting data:

  • The type of value you want to insert. Breast Scale, Gem Capacity, whatever. Below is a list of valid choices and their names you will use.

  • You need to invent a key name for your mod to use. This stuff operates similar to NiO such that it allows multiple mods to change one thing without fighting eachother. You will use this as a key to identify your modded value. For example, if you were making a mod called SoulgemExtreme that allowed you to carry more gems while wearing a special ring, you may invent a key name like "SE.RingEffectGems". I suggest avoiding spaces, using periods (.) or underscores (_) instead.

  • The type of operation that value is. Most of them are based multipliers - meaning if you insert a 0.0 that means no change where a 1.0 means "100% more than before" or "double". All mods are added together prior to evaluation, so if one mod inserts 1.0 and another mod inserts -0.5, the result will be 0.5 or 50% more than normal.


Available Mod Value List
These are the values you will use for the "String What" arguments of the ActorMod API. They define the values you can tweak.

  • Belly.Encumber - Multiplier
    Modifies the slow speed caused by having a fully belly.

  • Belly.Scale - Multiplier
    Modifies the base or minimum scale of the belly.

  • Belly.ScaleMax - Multiplier
    Modifies the maximum scale of the belly.

  • Breast.Influence - Multiplier
    Modifies how good of deals you get buying/selling by having full breasts.

  • Breast.Scale - Multiplier
    Modifies the base or minimum scale of the breasts.

  • Breast.ScaleMax - Multiplier
    Modifies the maximum scale of the breasts.

  • Testicle.Scale - Multiplier
    Modifies the base or minimum scale of the testicles.

  • Testicle.ScaleMax - Multiplier
    Modifies the maximum scale of the testicles.

  • Gem.Capacity - Multiplier
    Modifies how many gems can be carried/incubated at one time.

  • Gem.Rate - Multiplier
    Modifies how fast gems mature while being incubated.

  • Milk.Capacity - Multiplier
    Modifies how much milk can be carried/produced at one time.

  • Milk.Rate - Multiplier
    Modifies how fast milk is produced.

  • Milk.Produce - Flat Value: 0 or 1
    Allows milk production even when not pregnant. Any value greater than 1 will trigger 24/7 milk production.

  • Semen.Capacity - Multiplier
    Modifies how much semen can be carried/produced at one time.

  • Semen.Rate - Multiplier
    Modifies how fast semen is produced.


Function API
dcc_sgo_QuestController Property SGO Auto

  • SGO.ActorModGetValue(Actor Who, String What, String ModKey)
    Get a value you set previously.

  • SGO.ActorModSetValue(Actor Who, String What, String ModKey, Float Value)
    Sets the specified mod value for your mod.

  • SGO.ActorModUnsetValue(Actor Who, String What, String ModKey)
    Remove the specified value for your mod.


Our mod is called SoulgemExtreme.


Basic Effect Multipliers.

  • Anyone wearing this ring produces gems 100% faster.
  • SGO.ActorModSetValue(Wearer, "Gem.Rate", "SE.RingGemRate", 1.0)

  • Changing the ring effect to be 150%.
  • SGO.ActorModSetValue(Wearer, "Gem.Rate", "SE.RingGemRate", 1.5)

  • Removing the gem ring.
  • SGO.ActorModUnsetValue(Wearer, "Gem.Rate", "SE.RingGemRate")


Body Scale Multipliers.

  • Anyone wearing this ring gets 25% bigger breasts.
  • SGO.ActorModSetValue(Wearer, "Breast.Scale", "SE.RingBreastSize", 1.0)
  • SGO.ActorUpdateBody_BreastScale()


Milk Production.

  • Anyone wearing this ring will produce milk 24/7.
  • SGO.ActorModSetValue(Wearer, "Milk.Produce", "SE.RingMilkMaid", 1.0)
  • SGO.ActorTrackForMilk(Wearer, TRUE)
  • When removing this effect, Unset the mod value, but do not Untrack the actor. That will happen automatically.


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