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Laws of Nature and Magic



AngelaLawsOfNatureCropped.jpg.c2da8b9a42921e8cc10cd23a76559c31.jpgJune 17th 2013 - Laws of Nature and Magic - Oblivion Screenshot Story


I just made a new screenshot project. This time its an actual story, with words and stuff!


Intro: Angela is in the Arcane University Library researching a spell for the Arena District when she is approached by two librarians, who use her presence after hours as a pretext for seduction.


Naturally, things don't go according to plan.


There is actually a part two, but I haven't finished "shooting" it yet. Unfortunately if I can't figure out how to load my old save, part two may never get finished.


This is the most ambitious project I've done yet, both in scenes and in dialog. I have a few more in the queue, but not this detailed. I'm actually trying to keep my ambition in check so that I can finish more projects sooner instead of keeping them queued up forever.


As always, most of the clothing pictured can be found in the DMRA conversion threads by Nephanee13 and / or Thorazine.


Here's how it all starts, click to view the whole gallery:


7e3b1416273f3783b672a225b0db09314e85018e-322875-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg c4fa78492bebb5360b0274cbded7954ff30bb385-341100-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg 20578f762cd7297ec4a5235cad3930050fee6181-325041-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg bcac3bbac842d57bd0198aa470be8e7ef70de6b6-328820-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg d5447150f6d9adc28ecdbb73d76356e006a6255a-327851-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg b97a6dd1d7e892df9bd5de7f60076fb926f3c53f-309040-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg 166599394ac0ef231aaa5342a011c42dc9cb9b56-309572-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg 2eba1f8c6c3abb9c25246b92372be28ca64ee76f-364878-1280-960-jpg_l.jpg


Again, the whole thing can be viewed here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/603524/a7802948f2 .


I hope you guys like it!

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