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Next Project - Preview



blog-0166402001366008286.jpgHey just a quick note. I'm still around and have a few projects in the works. Seeing how I just updated my signature image from one of these projects, I figure I'll also upload a sample from the one I'm probably going to finish first.


I like this one, the idea is that Angela is going around doing her quests and rescuing incredibly attractive women from evil people or monsters. Or something like that, I dunno. This is worse than thinking of a plot in a porno. :lol:


As usual it uses a lot of assets from people here at Lover's Lab, most importantly the DMRA armor editors Nephanee13 and Thorazine!

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Looks so good! You make such lovely ladies. That trio is most rescuable - if that's a word... ;) Thank you for the preview! :)

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