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***This is a full gameplay of a homeless challenge that I am doing with a bit of a twist. There will likely be some rules I won't follow but for the most part I am not cheating in game unless something gets stuck or in dire circumstances. I am also mostly letting my character's whims and mood guide her. The stories you are reading are not just made up because I wanted them to go that way, I let the game and my sim do their thing and then created the story around it. Much of this is more than I could have imagined and has been a surprise for me. It's honestly made my game time so much more fun. There are times I will hope it will go one way and it will, and other times I will be surprised at the turn of events but never disappointed. I have been writing these for a while now and just now posting them publicly so you will most likely get content in large quantities when I can upload them until I am caught up.***


TW - Potential discussions of sexual content including prostitution and forced, coerced, and violent scenes that may depict rape (with screenshots of The Sims 4 with mods and CC). (childhood trauma and mistreatment may also be discussed in the form of neglect, abuse, and molestation for backstory purposes only with no explicit details)



Kailani, feeling the high of the morning, decided to go to the local bar. She had never gotten to go there when she lived in Sulani because she was too young. She decided to enjoy some parts of the island she never got to experience before and maybe rewrite some of her old, bad memories. She was hungry but she also knew that this was a vacation hot spot filled with wealthy people who were dying to spend their money so Kailani wanted to be ready to help them satisfy that desire.



She ordered some food but before she got a chance to eat she was being solicited by a woman named Hiroko.



Hiroko wanted her older lover to watch which was fine by Kailani as long as he didn't get jealous. 



She enjoyed being a little cruel at the direction of her lover. They seemed to get each other amped up over their shared adventure and after Hiroko paid her Kailani noticed they went off to have some fun of their own.



Kailani ate her food and sat at the bar for a bit before deciding to dance to the island music playing in the bar. All of a sudden her heart stopped and she instantly remembered why she had told herself never to come back to Sulani. Too many bad memories and those bad memories were usually wrapped up in bad people. Kailani spotted one of her former foster mothers from when she was a young teen. Kailani should have known that she would be in a place like this. It was the perfect place to scam people. This woman was a con artist for sure but she was also controlling and sadistic and Kailani said a prayer to herself that she would not be recognized and she could get out of there as quickly as possible. All of a sudden, Kailani felt small and helpless again and instead of running all she could do was freeze.



“Kailani!” Kailani heard her name and her heart sank. “Kai! Oh, dear child, it is you! God have I missed you!”


Kailani put a smile on her face and greeted her, “Hello Fetia.”


“That’s Mama Fetia to you girl, I know I helped raise you right!”


Fetia leaned in for a hug and Kailani instantly recoiled but, knowing better than to deny her she forced herself to allow it.


“Come here, you! Let me feel you!” Fetia took her time feeling Kailani up starting from behind her knee up her skirt and between her legs. Her other hand went from her stomach to her breast. “Oh you have filled out nicely since I have seen you last. How old were you?”


“14,” Kailani mumbled. Kailani remembered, with agony, that she lived with this woman for a full year before moving to another foster family.


“That’s right. Too short if you ask me. If I would have known you were going to turn out like this I would have kept you longer. I guess it just goes to show that you never can tell!” Fetia laughed at her own joke seemingly oblivious to Kailani’s discomfort. 



“Listen, it’s been a long time. I don’t get to have any more fosters at my place. It’s a long story - mostly lies of course.”


Kailani imagined it was all true and was glad someone finally spoke up.


“I’m in need something bad.” Fetia said.


Kailani wanted to tell her she would have to pay for it, she wanted to be firm with this woman and even tell her 'fuck no' but when she was standing there next to her she was reduced to a helpless 13 year old and all she could do was nod her understanding.



Fetia stripped down and said “touch me how I taught you to.” Kailani reluctantly obliged.



Kailani felt shame about their actions being right in the middle of the bar for all to see. A woman nearby gawked at them. Not exactly something new for adult Kailani but she didn’t feel like adult Kailani at the moment. She tried to tell herself that others did not know the history of this woman and her and that for all they knew it was just another client, but again, her mind was reduced to foster kid Kailani and she felt trapped.



She felt like an inexperienced and insecure teenager again. “Come on, you remember how, Love.” Fetia took her wrist and guided Kailani’s hand. "Don't tell me you are that inexperienced with women." Kailani nearly began laughing hysterically out loud at the absurdity of Fetia's comment but she knew better than to ever laugh at Fetia.



“Oh, yes!” Fetia groaned during an orgasm. “Now do what I love.”



Kailani remembered this part vividly. She raised her cum drenched fingers to Fetia’s mouth and Fetia sucked her own juices from them. "Mmm..."



Something came over Kailani. She felt so awkward, so shy. Fetia did this to her. Fetia removed her skirt and looked her over.


"Oh, Kai," she said in an awed voice. Kailani instinctively tried to cover herself with her hand. "Why would you cover yourself? Can you not see how gorgeous you are?" She guided Kailani's fingers to her own slit and moved them gently across her clitoris. "Doesn't that feel divine?"



Fetia took Kailani's hand and brought it to her mouth. Tasting Kailani she said, "Mmm, Kai, it's just as I remember it. So good."


Kailani watched her feeling as though she were in a trance.



Suddenly, Kailani is aware that she was aroused and heightening Fetia's pleasure. She was jolted from the trance and once again in a state of helplessness. It seemed Fetia noticed the shift and was both aroused and intrigued by it.



Ready for more, Fetia brought Kailani's hand back to her moist, dripping cunt and said, "again Kai, I need it again".



Kailani rubbed her clit just the way Fetia liked it but she didn't need to do it for long. Fetia was spasming from another orgasm pretty quickly.



Once Fetia was finished, Kailani wrapped her arms around herself in protection. Fetia talked to her as if she were an old friend, unaware of Kailani’s discomfort. Fetia asked Kailani where on the islands she was living. Kailani avoided answering her. Fetia insisted on getting Kailani’s number. Kailani had no willpower to say no to her and freely gave it to her. Fetia kissed her and said she needed to head out, thanking her for the much needed play time. Kailani recoiled at hearing it being called that. She had forgotten Fetia had always called it play time with her and all of her other foster kids.



Once Fetia left, Kailani rushed to the bathroom to wash herself up. She felt dirty and disgusted with herself. How could she have let herself be controlled by that woman again? Why did she even come back to Sulani? The islands made her weak. She knew she needed to leave as soon as possible.


On her long trip home Kailani thought about her goals and what brought her inland. She felt waves of nausea as her trauma engulfed her again. She was so angry with herself for thinking she could just come back and act like everything was fine. Did she really think that she could handle seeing half of the people she grew up around? Did she think she wouldn't run into someone she knew? How stupid was she? Kailani was most upset with herself for thinking that she had become someone else, someone who was confident, secure, and near fearless. Yet just that small encounter, and not even with one of her worst foster parents, and she was reduced to acting like a child again. She felt so much shame and disappointment in herself.


Reaching Brindleton Bay should have given her a sense of relief but all it did was make her feel alone and vulnerable. Her small little camping area was too exposed to everything and everyone that Kailani worried about someone coming and finding her and harming her.


She needed to get back into her own head, she knew this was still the mind of young Kailani, of helpless Kailani. But she was not helpless and she could handle herself if she needed to. She had proved that before.



Back home she was starving but so distracted that she left food on the grill and was just staring into the campfire.



Eventually she went back to the food but she was so deep in thought about what she had done and how far she had fallen that she was worried she could not recover from it.



She went to bed feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.


After sleeping for several hours her phone rang. It was Darrel calling, he wanted to see her. That was perfect, she thought, she needed punishment. She told him she would be right over.



Kailani wore something that she thought might make Darrel enjoy punishing her more. They sat and talked on the sofa for a bit, something that Kailani was feeling uncomfortable with. Unlike other times when she spent time with Darrel, she was eager for him to be rough with her. She felt a deep need for it and yet here they were chatting about things that were not important.



When Darrel finally made a move and requested her out on the back porch, Kailani felt ready for whatever he was about to give her. Her body was tense with anticipation and her skin seemed to tingle like it was sparked with electricity. 'Finally' she thought. but instead of the typical sexual sadism that she had grown to expect from him he led her out to the back porch and hugged her as if they were long lost lovers or best friends. Without a thought as to why it was happening, Kailani wrapped her arms around him. 



He held her tight and said nothing. Kailani wasn’t sure what this was about and it confused her. She didn’t remember a time anyone had done this to her. Her eyes began to tear up. What was wrong with her, she thought.



Kailani wanted to deny this, she wanted to not accept this embrace so that she could go about her life as normal but the longer it went on, the longer she leaned into it, really leaned into it. There was a warmth there she hadn’t felt before and it was enveloping her. Is this what hugs did for people? She felt open, and cared for, and… she couldn’t quite place it all. The strangest part for her was that this wasn't sexual. It was just comforting. She didn't quite know what to do with it because the majority of human contact she had had since going through puberty and gaining her superpower had been sexual. 



She was overwhelmed by emotions so strong. She didn't think she felt them towards Darrel specifically, but she felt them overwhelm her nonetheless. With the emotions came an urge to connect more and on a deeper level. Kailani instinctively kissed Darrel passionately, so passionately that it would not be the kind of kiss you should be giving a client either. Rather, this kiss was the kind you should reserve for the person you meant to spend your life with.


Darrel returned the kiss, grabbing her ass, but only briefly. He seemed to find levelheadedness quickly and stopped Kailani.


"Stop," he said firmly pushing her away.


Kailani backed away feeling sheepish and a bit shaken once she realized what she had just let herself get caught up in.



He pulled her inside and took her lingerie off. Quickly he tore off his jeans and, without saying another word, pushed her onto the floor and began fucking her. Kailani, lost in her own emotions swirling in her head did not see anything but passion in his movements. They moved in unison for some time seemingly in sync for once.



But then, suddenly things changed. Darrel grabbed Kailani’s wrists and started to force her into awkward positions, overpowering her with his weight and forcing himself deep inside her. Kailani had no fight in her. She came here for this very thing but then was lulled into a sense of security by a hug. She saw herself as sad and pathetic and deserving of this treatment.



He pinned her legs down in a painful position to where Kailani couldn’t leave if she tried, and while she didn't try to leave, she did try to get him to release some of the pressure. Darrel continued to fuck her and watched in sheer enjoyment as she struggled against him. Kailani felt humiliated and degraded. 



When he was finished he held her down a bit longer by the arms and put his face in her face. “You are no match to my powers,” he said. “I am a fucking sorcerer and you will never know what has hit you. You work for me and you will do what I pay you to do. When you are with me I am your God and you must worship me. It is not the other way around. You should feel lucky enough to be in my presence.” He released her, got up and flexed as if he were the most amazing thing. Kailani didn't feel lucky but in that moment she really didn't feel anything. She was tired of being everyone's emotional puppet and she wondered if she would ever find people who actually just cared about her. 


On the way home Kailani decided that she was done with living outside. She decides to look up places to rent and see how much they cost. On a whim she found an apartment that was able to be rented daily, weekly, and monthly so she made the call to set it up. 





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