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TW - Potential discussions of sexual content including prostitution and forced, coerced, and violent scenes that may depict rape (with screenshots of The Sims 4 with mods and CC). (childhood trauma and mistreatment may also be discussed in the form of neglect, abuse, and molestation for backstory purposes only with no explicit details)


***This is a full gameplay of a homeless challenge that I am doing with a bit of a twist. There will likely be some rules I won't follow but for the most part I am not cheating in game unless something gets stuck or in dire circumstances. I am also mostly letting my character's whims and mood guide her. The stories you are reading are not just made up because I wanted them to go that way, I let the game and my sim do their thing and then created the story around it. Much of this is more than I could have imagined and has been a surprise for me. It's honestly made my game time so much more fun. There are times I will hope it will go one way and it will, and other times I will be surprised at the turn of events but never disappointed. I have been writing these for a while now and just now posting them publicly so you will most likely get content in large quantities when I can upload them until I am caught up.***



Kailani was awakened by a call from a previous client, Darrel, who called her early in the morning requesting her to service him at his home. She fumbled to get herself awake and trekked her way to Glimmerbrook, which she had yet to visit. When she arrived she was surprised to see what appeared to be the whole family standing outside.



Kailani knew she should be on her best behavior at this "date". Darrel is a paying customer who had asked her back for another session. But she cannot quit thinking about how poorly he had treated her the first time nor how empty her stomach was. That fruitcake she had before she went to bed did not hit right and she was still so very hungry. On top of that, she also was having that burning sensation in between her legs and so she was reluctant to get too close to Darrel right away for fear of giving him pubic lice and having him do something drastic in retaliation. Kailani brazenly made some food in their kitchen and ate it - something she found she could do with her superpower fairly easily. It seemed she was always welcome to make herself at home doing whatever she wanted. Which made it quite nice for someone who needed access to things like kitchens and bathrooms as she didn’t have ones of her own at the moment.



After eating, Kailani took a shower and used one of the treatments for pubic lice. The package said it would work right away and she was amazed and how quickly she felt relief. She felt refreshed and ready to do her job now.



She changed into something a little more sexy to match how she was feeling and went to seek out Darrel.



Darrel insisted that they fuck on his front porch. Kailani imagined he had people he was trying to impress by showing her off. She wasn’t impressed but she was sure that he didn’t care what she thought. 



Of course, Darrel behaved true to his nature so far and he had to do something to overpower her. He grabbed her by the throat and choked her. Kailani got light headed and nearly toppled over him. He would wait until she was close to passing out and would release her and then do it again. She could feel his cock throb every time he would inch closer to her passing out, or, even worse, dying.


Kailani realized that he was wearing gloves at one point and began to get fearful. Was he actually intending to kill her? Or was he just prepared if he accidentally killed her during their “play” time? Kailani wasn’t sure if one was really worse than the other.


Eventually Darrel shot loads of cum into her and a deep guttural sound came out of his lips. He still had his hands tightly around her neck when he opened his eyes to see that she had actually passed out. He flung her to the ground, dropped some money beside her and rushed inside, locking the door behind him.


When Kailani finally awoke she was light headed and confused, it was quiet and she was lying alone on a porch with just a top on. It took her some time to try to get reoriented to where she was but nothing seemed to work. She knew her name. She knew seemingly everything up until today. Was she at a crazy party at this house and now she is waking up with a hangover?


She looked around and found money on the ground. She felt between her legs the fresh stickiness of the come oozing from her and she smelled the sweet aroma of sex. No, she thought, she was just with a customer. But she couldn't understand how she had forgotten about what happened.


Remembering she had a phone and could look it up Kailani decided to get it out to see where she even was and who she last spoke to. Looking through her messages she saw that it was Darrel that she was coming to see and who’s place she was at. She remembered now that he was bragging about being some kind of a sorcerer, could he have put a spell on her to forget? All she knew was that he gave her the creeps and he did not seem like a good person.


Kailani decided to find the closest bar and get the fuck out of there.




Glimmerbrook was smaller than she realized and the only bar in town was just as small. Kailani spotted Darrel who looked quite pleased with himself sitting at the bar when she walked in. Kailani ignored him and decides to treat this like any other working night. She is approached by an older woman who looks oddly familiar. The woman introduced herself as Minerva Charm and Kailani has the sinking suspicion that she met her when she went to Darrel's place earlier in the day. Minerva flirted with Kailani a bit and at first Kailani was hesitant, especially with Darrel right there. She doesn’t remember what all happened today but she does know how he was before and she worried about what he was capable of. Then again, she was supposed to have forgotten, right? This was her job and she needed to make a living. When Minerva got the courage to ask for her services Kailani accepted and hoped that Minerva would want to at least go somewhere discreet.



Being at the whim of her clients desires had it’s downfalls and this was one of those times. What was the saying? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?


Kailani realized too late that Minerva and Darrel were very much alike. The difference was that Minerva didn’t want to hurt Kailani but rather wanted to hurt Darrel through Kailani. In some ways Kailani was alright with it. Minerva was very adept in pleasing her but it was the cruelty that she showed towards Darrel that was jarring and reminded her of different foster parents growing up and in a way it made her feel more for Darrel's plight than it did anything else.


Darrel stood there watching while Minerva would say things loud enough every now and then for him to hear.


“I can still feel your dirty seed dripping from her, son. You could never be with a woman this gorgeous without paying for her. She is beyond your grasp.”



Kailani could see Darrel sit down brooding. He was nearly in tears but he could not keep his eyes off of the scene unfolding in front of him.



Minerva went on debasing Darrel while she pleasured Kailani. Kailani felt a sickening mixture of erotic pleasure and deep loathing. Behind them, Darrel was crying with his head hung in shame and masturbating. It seemed the whole family had some issues.



“You disgusting boy - you love to watch your mother fuck your whore while you fondle yourself. You were always such an odd child, spying on me with others from the closet. Now you can just sit there in the open."


Kailani heard Darrel cry out: “Fuck you, Mother!” with a groan that was so obviously connected to someone orgasming.



Minerva repositioned Kailani and brought her to multiple orgasms of her own. Kailani barely heard the faint footsteps of Darrel leaving the bar.


“Now that’s a good whore.” Minerva said softly. “You did a wonderful performance with me. Thank you. Darrel needed that.”


Minerva paid Kailani and left.


Kailani wasn’t sure what to think of this family. That whole session wasn’t for Minerva at all but for Darrel? What the actual fuck? Kailani has known some pretty fucked up families but this? Kailani decided not to spend too much time thinking about it. It was Saturday night and she wanted out of this town and as far away from this family as possible.



Kailani had heard about a mixer going down at one of the dorms in the college town of Britechester. She showed up fairly early and found it to be a bit bigger than she imagined. She had to admit that she was a little intimidated. She was a high school dropout that got her GED only to stay out of trouble with foster parents. The foster system didn’t care if she went to college and she had never even imagined it. She didn’t think she was smart enough, to be honest.


Seeing this place and everything here made her feel small and out of place. She was worried she would be seen as an outsider right away and asked to leave. She noticed that everyone was dressed so casually and she dressed up. Her normal confidence was lower here and it worried her. She was hoping to get some trust fund brats on her client list but now she was worried if she would even be able to make it through one conversation.



Kailani grabs a drink right away which helps. It doesn’t take long before everyone is drinking. A fight erupts between the rivaling mascots and you see people cheering them on from the sidelines.



Kailani is asked to play a game of ping pong which she enjoyed immensely. She found herself relaxing more as she realized that no one had asked her to leave or directly said anything about why she was there. She started to realize how fun the place was and forgot that she was there for work.



After the match a girl approached Kailani and shyly asked for some time alone with her. Kailani knows what that means but makes sure the girl knows that she will have to pay her.


Slurring her words, the girl says with her eyes a little glazed “I will pay you whatever you say, you goddess.”


Kailani smiled at her. “Lead the way,” she said.



The girl took her hand and said, “my name is Mana.”


Kailani gave Mana her name in return. Mana guided Kailani to a couch in a secluded area upstairs.



Mana clumsily took her own clothing off and asked for Kailani to do a strip tease.



Kailani enjoyed the looks of desire that Mana gave her. Mana seemed to be hungry for human contact but was shy to actually initiate any type of touching.



Kailani touched herself and looked into Mana’s eyes. There was something about this pale skinned girl she couldn’t quite pinpoint but she was enjoying the interaction.



Mana asked Kailani to sit next to her and they chatted for a bit. Kailani could tell that, despite her desire, Mana was struggling with how to initiate physical contact. Kailani decided to put her legs over one of Mana's legs to help entice her to make a move. That was all it took. Mana quickly sprang into action wrapping one arm around her and the other began to explore Kailani's body. Mana turned to kiss Kailani’s neck and at the same time put her hand between Kailani’s legs. Kailani let out a soft gasp.


Mana became more bold and began to finger Kailani’s clit.  Gently at first, and then with some mild pressure. Kailani swayed her hips slightly with the movement.


“You are so beautiful and sexy and…” Mana trailed off kissing Kailani again.


Mana had set into a steady rhythm rubbing Kailani and she was about to mount into a pretty decent orgasm. Kailani put her hand on Mana’s hand to help guide her into her orgasm. When she did this she said, “your fingers feel so good. I am going to cum so hard. Let me help you for a little bit.” Mana groaned in a response of pleasure and allowed for Kailani to assist.



In a matter of less than a minute, Kailani was arching her back and squirting across the table in front of them in heavy streams.


“Oh, yes!,” she cried out.


Mana mumbled, “Fuck!”


Kailani lay back against Mana and they kissed for quite some time with Mana holding her gently.


After kissing Mana said “I didn’t imagine this tonight but I am so glad for it. I wish you could stay or at least that you lived around here so I could see you more.” She paused and then seemed to blush. “Oh, of course. You will need payment. I’m sure if I want to pay you again I could just call, right?” She said this in an almost formal yet sad voice.


At this point she was guiding Kailani off of her lap and grabbing her clothing. Kailani, who had somehow gotten into some kind of a daze until this moment, was also wishing she lived on campus and could see Mana whenever. She was enjoying the cuddling and kissing and trailing her hand along her arm and leg. Bet then reality seemed to hit her all at once when Mana nearly dropped her to the floor.


Still feeling a little dazed she sat there while Mana went on nervously about paying her while she got dressed. Kailani wanted to get up and reassure her that it was okay and that things would be fine but Kailani didn’t because, honestly, how the fuck would she know? The daze she was in was making her feel like she needed to do it but deep down she knew it would not be helpful so she just sat there silently as Mana dug out her wallet and handed her some money walking quickly away.


The one thing sticking in Kailani’s mind being about her living around here, specifically in one of the dorms. Why couldn’t she? She could apply for scholarships and loans if she needed to. And she did have her GED so she should qualify, right? A degree in something would help her make more money and having a real place to stay would give her a bed, a shower, and access to hot food all the time. Plus she wouldn’t have to stop working, she would have an endless source of income with all of these young rich kids around. It would be perfect. In some ways Kailani was upset that she didn’t think of this option sooner but it was never too late for a good idea. 



Kailani got onto the computer in the student center to check out the scholarship opportunities and see how to enroll at the university. She knew she would need to select a career that would make sense for her too so she planned to research that as well. She didn't plan that her night would be like this and yet here she was, looking into college. Something she never actually thought she would go to. And while the thought alone scared her, it also gave her more hope for her future than she had in a long time. Relying only on her body to support her independence was where she was going wrong, she needed to also work on her mind as well.


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