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The Simsfather, Part I, Chapters 5-7



This is the working document containing the characters of my story, "The Simsfather".  The purpose of this document is to give you context surrounding each character's background, traits and desires.


If you intend to read the entire story, I highly recommend that you do not read any further and start with the first blog entry here.


You can read "The Simsfather, Part I" here.


UPDATE: Includes Che Hu Hong and an updated entry for Rosa.


Vito Scaletta




Date of Birth: 1923

Status: Alive

Traits: Family-Oriented, Determined, Independent


Born in Willow Creek to Alfredo and Vincenza Scaletta, Vito is the eldest child in his family.  Growing up during The Great Depression sharpened his wits and chiseled his character as Vito watched his parents endure hardship after hardship as members of the working class.


Vito's conflict with his father began in his adolescent years as the latter's degenerative gambling and drinking created a schism between Vito and his mother.  His strained relationship with his father influenced Vito's decision to enlist in WWII, which was looked upon unfavorably by nearly everyone in Vito's life.    


Upon returning from Germany and learning of his father's death, Vito promised himself that he would be the man his father used to be as opposed to the man his father became.  As such, he became even more protective of his mother and his kid sister, Frankie.



Alfredo Scaletta




Date of Birth: 1899

Status: Dead

Traits: Family-Oriented, Hard-Working, Opinionated, Alcoholic, Depressed


The Patriarch of the Scaletta Family, Alfredo was once a charismatic insurance salesman and loyal family man.  The Depression changed the entirety of the U.S. and Alfredo was certainly not immune.  He subsequently engaged in a destructive practice of drinking and gambling as money became scarce and his role as the breadwinner was challenged.  He eventually found work moving crates around the docks of Evergreen Harbor as he hoped things would get better.   Alfredo's tailspin was the main cause of disconnect between him and his family, especially his son, Vito, even after the Depression had ended.


Outspoken by nature, Alfredo would become even more boisterous when inebriated, which led him into many public standoffs.  Many times, Vito had to drag a drunken Alfredo back home so that he would not be arrested or killed.


Alfredo passed away in the winter of 1944.  While the coroner ruled out foul play, one might assume that Alfredo's death occurred under "insidious circumstances."




Vincenza Scaletta



Date of Birth: 1901

Status: Alive

Traits: Traditional, Caring, Romantic, Strong-willed, Cynical


Vincenza was born in a "two mule" town in Italy to a large family.  It was there that she met her future husband, Alfredo, whom she'd wed in 1919.  Suffocated by undesirable economic circumstances, the couple left Italy in search of a better life, arriving at Ellis Island the following year.


A conservative, traditional and loving housewife, Vincenza is the ideal partner of her generation, which contributed to the newfound happiness she and Alfredo had found in Willow Creek.  Like her husband, however, the Depression changed Vincenza from a happy-go-lucky Italian girl to a worrisome cynic who constantly meddled in her family's affairs under the well-intentioned guise of "motherly love".  She endured years of emotional abuse courtesy of her husband's drinking and gambling habits, which saw him come home at odd hours with no explanation.  Even as her romantic life waned, Vincenza faithfully fulfilled her duties as a wife and matriarch of the family.



Francesca "Frankie" Scaletta




Date of Birth: 1927

Status: Alive

Traits: Naive, Optimistic, Introverted, Diffident


Frankie was born a few years before the Great Depression and represents a significant financial strain on the family.  Despite being loved and cared for, Frankie most heavily felt the effects of her father's drinking and the trauma it caused her mother.  She never had a chance to fully develop a proper relationship with either parent and leaned heavily on her older brother Vito for support.


A starry-eyed teenager, Frankie struggles to develop or maintain relationships, often spending her time confined within the family's apartment.  Her time at college has finally offered her the exposure to society that she did not have as a child.  She still maintains a loving relationship with her brother, Vito, despite not agreeing with his decision to enlist.


Currently, she will be enrolling in Britechester University and aspires to become a teacher for primary school children.



Joe Barbaro




Date of Birth: 1920

Status: Alive

Traits: Pugnacious, Gregarious, Loyal, Player


Joe is the childhood best friend of Vito.  Viewed as Vito's older brother, Joe always kept an eye on Vito in school and made sure that no one picked on him; he even initiated a few fights if he perceived the slightest amount of disrespect towards his best friend.  As an adult, Joe has dipped his nose into less than reputable ventures, which can be attributed to his pugnacious nature.  


Quick with both a word and a gun, Joe plays as hard as he works which has created a small reputation for the towering Willow Creeksman as a thrill-seeker and womanizer.  Joe is fiercely loyal to those around him which has earned him the undying love and respect of his best friend, Vito.



Henry Tomasino




Date of Birth: 1918

Status: Alive

Traits: Intelligent, Secretive, Deceptive, Standoffish


The second childhood friend of Vito, Henry Tomasino was also supportive of the latter's decision to enlist in WWII.  Sometime during the war, Henry joined the Falcone Crime Family, becoming one of its fastest rising stars; this culminated in his being "made" by early 1944.


While he is the oldest of the three, Henry did not have the same bond with either friend that Vito and Joe had and it has translated into their adult lives.  Nevertheless, Henry maintains an entrepreneurial mind, which has endeared him to Joe in a manner of speaking. 


One of Henry's tendencies is his ability to read a room and know when to make himself scarce.  While that may gain the favour of the higher ranking members of the Family, it tends to create tension amongst his peers.  



Rosa Trapani




Date of Birth: 1925

Status: Alive

Traits: Alluring, Romantic, Loyal, Family-Oriented, Nurturing, Dependable


The second oldest of a four child family, Rosa and her family escaped Italy after her father was marked for death by the local mafia.  The Trapanis arrived in Willow Creek in late 1944. Since her arrival, Rosa spends most of her time caring for her parents in their home in Pendula View.


While she has been hardened by her experience as a refugee, Rosa still maintains her earthly and nurturing qualities, combining a womanly touch with a razor’s edge mindset.  Her soft-spoken voice, Italian accent, figure and subtle mannerisms are enough to seduce any man; but make no mistake, Rosa is not your traditional, by-the-book housewife. As was once said, “In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.”


Rosa is the current romantic interest of Vito Scaletta.



Che Hue Hong




Date of Birth: N/A

Status: Alive

Traits: Gang leader, N/A


Hong is a leader of the Simkuza, Willow Creek Chapter.  Henry Tomasino does business with the Simkuza in Chapter 6.


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