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Got a basic bitch shot of Mist in this one but it will be about Football Manager 2022 which released today (well I preordered it and got access to it yesterday) normally I'd get a bit more playtime into a game before doing one of these but the FM games are the exception as at their core they're pretty much all the same thing so any changes are interface and match engine related.


So FM2022, most of its baseline systems are the same as previous instalments with the majority of changes being to its match engine and its interface, there is no story or music to speak of and the graphics aren't important either. Unlike FIFA you can actually get away with skipping releases of Football Manager as (in my experience at least) the even numbered games tend to introduce new things whilst the odd numbered ones iterate on those new things.


So the interface, it's mostly the same as FM20 just a bit more streamlined, however there are a few changes that I find questionable. In FM20 the game gave you options of Calm, Assertive, Cautious, Aggressive and Passionate which gave you a good overall view on how you'd be saying things that's been removed from this version and instead replaced with gestures like throwing a bottle or what position your arms are in this is all meaningless to me (except for the bottle throw) as it doesn't tell me HOW I'm responding and I don't like that. The rest of it is a bit more streamlined, although there's also a lot more clicking involved in the various meetings, in FM20 I could just scroll down and see what's being suggested and ignore them as I pleased whereas now I have to click either move on, skip to the next stage or schedule the contract renewals/training. Additionally in match there's a few changes I don't like, they moved the condition bars to the bottom of the screen so you now need to take your eyes off the match to see what state your players are in which is annoying however whenever your assistant manager suggests a substitution you now have an option to let them do it for you however this resulted in some weird subs to say the least (for example Sead Kolasniac playing at left wing because my AssMan wanted to take Aubameyang off) and it's probably still best to do substitutions yourself. Team talks are also a bit more annoying now, you can give an overall team talk but you now need to switch to a different tab and then select the specific player rather than having it all on one screen and from a drop down menu next to the player's name.


As for the match engine itself, from the few games I've played it seems to be much improved, strikers can actually score and the player models move a bit more naturally. Overall I find the actual match engine to be much better than the previous versions I've played.


Finally there are some minor issues I have namely with the change of "man management" to "people management" that's a pointless change in order to come off as more inclusive in addition to there being a chance of certain game generated players (so no real ones) being able to come out as gay again a pointless inclusion to come off as more inclusive.


All in all this latest release has some improvements over previous ones but there was also a whole lot of stuff that they "fixed" that wasn't broken and didn't need fixing. I'll need to play it a bit more to decide whether or not it's better than the previous FM games, also will need a skin that lets me instant result games because actually playing all of them can be a bit tiring.

Anyway here's a basic bitch shot of Mist, would have had her having some sexy times with someone but I couldn't be bothered setting that up





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