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In which job reviews resurface.



"Doctor Sibelius? Check your mic, doc. Assistant Jane here. We just got back to the comm station, but it sounds like there's fluid or something in your gear. ...anyway: Your sacrifice to distract from our escape will not be forgotten. I've looked up records on this planet, and have what's uhhh, probably good news: it's a cross-species breeder, so it will, hm, probably attempt to impregnate you. If not, well, as soon as we get some weapons... hang in there. Oh, almost forgot - here's the best part, it's relentless, but as soon as it's successfully impregnated a subject, it'll sense that somehow and just let you go. Hell, you might be on your way back already, it's been a few hours. If not, I'm sure the board will eagerly get right on my weaponry request after your scathing review of my performance... but don't worry, we're doing the best we can."



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