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Odds and Ends



Just an entry with a bunch of odds and ends, got some additional stuff I wanted to say about the Trails of Cold Steel series as I've decided to replay it from I to IV a bit about a game I found in my steam library I completely forgot I had bought and some moaning about Steam (in relation to Skyrim.)


Cold Steel:


So as I said I've been replaying the Cold Steel games from I to IV in order back to back (sort of) and the thing that struck me with it (and with the knowledge I now have) is some of the foreshadowing in these games as well as the consistent presence of humour throughout. Hell from interactions with her in IV Vivi (a side character) is easily one of my favourite side characters in the series purely because of the various interactions with her. Also it looks like Trails of Zero (which seems to follow the SSS) will release on Steam soon so hopefully it gets an English translation so I can actually play it.


Steam fuckery:


So Steam's fuckery (at least I'm blaming Steam for this) in relation to Skyrim the short of it is I installed the Skyrim Creation Kit through Steam and it deleted my Skyrim install and a massive chunk of my data folder (including my presets folder, despite leaving racemenu) now I have no idea why this happened and it's also why in the last spoiler there's a hastily taken FFXIV image rather than the two Skyrim images I had planned on uploading (because it also deleted my reshade folder) and all of this came about because there's something seriously fucked with the Nephilim race wherein the face textures don't seem to follow the correct texture path (I had Fair Skin Complexion installed in the Nephilim head textures but it was using SG textures which were installed in a completely different directory) so I thought I'd open the file up with the CK (which never fucking works anyway since it just crashes on me 100% of the time) and fix it. Honestly that race, as much as I like it, is not really worth the trouble and headaches I get from installing it.

The forgotten game:


Okay so the forgotten game is another Falcom game (which explains why it's in my library) called Tokyo Xanadu eX+ and you can tell from screenshots that it's a Falcom game since it uses the same engine as Trails of Cold Steel, so far I'm enjoying it it's just as weeby as Cold Steel but it's action oriented rather than being turn based and from a cursory look at everything (I've put about 2 hours time into playing it) it seems it reuses a few assets and mechanics that were in Cold Steel nothing major and those mechanics were ones I actually quite liked so it's all good. However not only does it have one of the best disclaimer screens (first screenshot) but also has some pretty blatant product placement (second screenshot) kinda glad I went exploring when I saw that in all honesty.










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