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skyrim; what the fuck did i just do











better apachii matches for npc vanilla hairs.  make sure they all have one.

complete clothing replacer (for females)

replace certain npc's armor with schlongified armors












Last updated




I never planned on getting into Skyrim modding. I wanted the vanilla experience the devs intended us to have and worked my way around what I felt were certain unforgivable design flaws with a few basic mods.


Then I got bored one day and downloaded Sexlab.


Then I realized I really didn’t enjoy having sex with ugly NPCs and they needed improving.


Then I realized I really enjoyed taking screenshots to share with people.


Then I realized the world was pretty damn ugly and that needed improving in order to take those screenshots.


Then I fell down the rabbit hole of modding Skyrim like everyone else. Honestly I think the real game of Skyrim isn’t even playing it anymore – it’s just constantly poking and prodding at it.


So this is my current mod setup, as of [see whatever the last updated date is up there]. It is mostly meant to be a helpful reminder to me of the load order, installation, and setup of my many mods, but I’m sharing it in case anyone is interested in some helpful advice and recommendations. I’ll be updating this regularly with whatever I have currently decided on keeping.


Where possible, I have tried to link to the Steam sites for mods rather than Nexus. My personal experience with Steam has been far better than Nexus and I choose to support the Steam workshop and mod makers when I can.


One more thing: a lot of these mods have optional submods that are personal preference. This is not meant to be a universal guide for everyone.




I like the vanilla game experience. As an aspiring game developer, I like paying attention to the original content and story the devs intended to tell. Also I am a canon junkie. Because of this, I’m really not into adding more content to Skyrim. I highly respect modders who take the time to create additional lore-friendly content, but I’m not into playing it unless it’s actually canon. In any creative situation, I like working with limitations because they force you to be more creative, and roleplaying is a creative medium.


That said, I find nothing wrong with enhancing or improving what already exists in the game. If a texture can be made better or a mesh smoother, why not?


I prefer a minimalist approach to modding my game. The mods I download generally tend to improve my game experience, but don’t add any additional content. I’ve tried to avoid any mods that add additional content to Skyrim, like quests or locations. Hell, I try not to even use mods that add additional trees or stars.


Table of Contents

  1. Utilities
  2. Patches and bugfixes
  3. Mods I will never live without
  4. Mass Effect mods
  5. A prettier me
  6. A prettier you
  7. Environment



Not mods so much as meta-tools you will need to manage your Skyrim modding experience.

  • Wrye Bash – An incredibly useful mod manager for Skyrim (also various other Bethesda games if you’re interested), it helps you install and organize your mods. It looks intimidating to use at first but it’s really not that bad.
  • NMM – If Wrye Bash were an honest-to-god actual tool, then Nexus Mod Manager would be the Fisher-Price hammer of getting shit done, i.e. a toy. This thing as given me far more trouble than it’s worth, yet I find too many mods demand it for proper installation (for example, unless you are 100% certain of what options you want in some mods and have installed them before, install menus don’t properly show up in Wrye Bash but are supported in NMM. Another reason Wrye Bash seems scary to newbies but is actually more configurable). If this is what you first started using, you’ll probably need to keep it around on your computer to install something once in a while. Sigh.
  • LOOT – The load order of your mods matters. When you start up your game, you need some to load before or after others so that everything can function properly. You could do it by hand, but it’s usually just easier to have LOOT take a whack at it. LOOT’s master list receives regular updates with information on almost every Skyrim mod up there so it’s much easier to use this app than do it manually.
  • TES5Edit – Aaaaaaand…once you’ve run LOOT, you’ll get some error messages saying your mods are dirty. Yes, especially the actual game files themselves. Basically, they are riddled with errors that make your game more likely to crash. You should clean your files whenever possible and a tutorial on how to use TES5edit to do that is here.

Patches and bugfixes


Note that I DO NOT have Bethesda's official HD Texture Pack DLC on this list. This is because I recommend the far superior and higher res player-created Skyrim HD if your computer can handle it. For more info see the “Environment” section below. Also if you use Skyrim HD instead you don’t need to download the Unofficial HD texture patch as well.

Mods I will never live without


Whether or not I decide I can live with plainer characters or environments, I will never get rid of these mods. In many cases they were the first mods I downloaded.

  • Auto Harvest 2: My light. My joy. Savior of my previously shitty Skyrim experience. Will literally autoloot things for you as you walk past it. I currently have it set to loot everything within 1000 feet of me every 0.1 seconds, just because I can.
    • Don’t forget to: Install first in this order: SKSE, SkyUI

    [*]Auto Lock Picking: Because I can’t be arsed to sit around all day fiddling with metal sticks in order to satisfy my kleptomania. [*]Customizable Camera: Skyrim’s default camera angle is pretty crappy, so this makes taking screenshots a lot easier. I’d still rather have Oblivion LAPF’s collision-free camera but it’s better than nothing.

    • Don’t forget to: Install first in this order: SKSE, SkyUI

    [*]Dual Sheath Redux: World of Warcraft spoiled me. Damnit when I have 2 daggers, I want to see them on both hips! Why would I sheathe 2 daggers on one side?!

    • Don’t forget to: Install first in this order: Groovtama’s XPMS Extended, Realistic Ragdolls and Force. Run Skyrim/Data/SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch/Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar and click “Patch”. Use LOOT to ensure that the now newly created Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp is loaded after every other mod.

    [*]Faster Skyrim Menu Music: I have no idea why Bethesda delays the main menu music as long as they do, you barely get a chance to listen to it. I chose the “No Fade” version to make it even more prompt. [*]SkyJubs Invisible Helmets: Because I didn’t work that hard on character creation to have her face hidden by helmets. [*]Hide Circlet: Or metallic sweatbands. [*]Infinite Gold For Merchants: In my perfect Skyrim RP world, every merchant would follow the vanilla rules of regular restocking and occasional running low on funds. Except for one guy, who is a genius businessman and junk dealer and buys all my stuff and is never out of gold. But that mod hasn’t happened yet, so I just install this and ~immerse~ myself by only trading with one merchant. [*]Isharas Key Ring: I managed to get rid of everything else in my inventory and foist off my book hoard on my Breezehome cabinet. But I still had a billion keys in my inventory and even though every other category was basically empty, clicking on “All” in my bags was starting to make the blood pound in my ears. Install this mod. Go to your nearest forge with an iron ingot and craft this keyring. Double-click on your new keyring and start double-clicking on every key in your inventory to store them on your ring. You can store multiples of the same key and you’ll always have your keys on you, allowing you to open any door you are able to. Buggy at the moment

    • Don’t forget to: Install SKSE.

    [*]No Poison Dialogues: Getting a “Your weapon is already poisoned” message every time you click your way through a stack of poisons is a pain in the ass.

    • Don’t forget to: Install SKSE.

    [*]OneTweak: Runs your game in a borderless window. LOVE this mod. [*]Pick Up Books Without Reading Them: Relief for the kleptomaniac bibliophile. [*]Unlimited Amulets and Rings [*]Pickpocket always succeeds: Like I’m not going to steal the clothes off someone given half the chance.

Mass Effect mods


If you think I’m not going to bring Mass Effect with me into every moddable game I play, you don’t know me very well.

  • Garrus Vakarian follower: I don’t even use him, I just find it comforting to have him in the world.

    [*]ME3 N7 armor (and Kaidan's): I had to have the N7 armor on me. The only problem is that only the male meshes have been ported so far so if you’re playing a lady, well, you’re going to have Commander John Shepard’s ripped physique. Which I’m cool with, my Shep Dragonborn’s just got that sexless flattened-boob badass Samus Aran look.

    • Recommended by: Girlplaysgame
    • Don’t forget to: Install the John Shepard/Kaidan Alenko followers mod to get the armor off Shepard.
    • Other options: N7 armor: Great detail work, especially on the cuirass and shoulders, but I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the skirt look. I’ve always liked looking at run animations so I stopped using it.


A prettier me


Except for hair, any mods you apply to change your player character also extend to nonplayer characters. Now a pretty person can have sex with other pretty people!

A prettier you


A combination of mods to make NPCs more attractive, and how to have sex with them.



I am not a graphics junkie at all. I mean, I’m a D&D player, I use my imagination. I’ve never needed 3D to make my day. The graphics race just seems like a marketing distraction from the real issues of whether or not a game is actually good. That said, if your character’s going to look beautiful in your shared screenshots, she’s going to stand out against a muddy background lol.


If I could I would download every mod listed here at RealVision ENB, the only site that thoroughly documents not only a recommended list, but its install order. Unfortunately my computer's aging and I can't do that as of yet. For now I run the bare minimum:


  • Run LOOT
  • Run TES5Edit
  • Run \Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\GenerateFNISforUsers.exe

Previous updates [ignore this]:


(need to fix typos)


note to self, in case my hard drive burps or i take a hiatus from skyrim:








netmmerse override
realistic ragdolls and force - prereq dualsheath/xp32
all dlcs
xp32 - prereq dualsheath




customizable camera
dual sheath redux
faster skyrim menu music
fast travel from inside
hide circlet
infinite gold for merchants
isharas key ring
no poison dialogues
ring of ultra vision
skyjubs invisible helmets
autoharvest 2
jps noreadbooks
unlimited amulets and rings
pickpocket 100% of the time


mass effect


me3 armor collection
garrus follower
john shepard follower
kaidan alenko follower




unofficial dawnguard, dragonborn, hearthfire, skyrim, high resolution
official high res textures dlc


my apperance


apachii sky hair
bb's hair physics project
face light
female hairstyles with physics
hdt breast and butt physics
hdt physics extensions
hdt physics extension - jff
no more blocky faces
sg hair pack
showracemenu precache killer
skyrim hair physics project


npc appearance/sexlab


apachii sky hair npc overhaul
apropos - link readded: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/818-apropos/
beards - high res
better males - younger faces w geonox
better males - favoredsoul erect
cbbev3 vanilla clothing replacer bodyslide compatible
feminine argonian textures for cbbe-unp
no more old women
no more old men
remodeled armor cbbev3m
revealing armors and clothes for fs meshes males (all)


(readded links):
sexlab cumshot - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22598-sexlab-cumshot-172/
sexlab dangerously nude - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19055-sexlab-dangerously-nude/
sexlab aroused - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux-december-05-2016/
sexlab matchmaker - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17343-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/
sexlab squirt - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1893-sexlab-squirt-reborn/
sexlab aroused monitor widget - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1535-sexlab-aroused-monitor-widget/
spectatorcrowdsultra - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1310-spectator-crowds-ultra-edition/
sexlab position selector - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1670-sexlab-position-selector-by-nen-control-yourself/








deathbell princess


mcm - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30250/?


sg hair - https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/41dy1p/does_anyone_have_sg_hair_pack_350/



trying to keep track of which console commands i used






player.additem f 1000000
player.forceav carryweight 1000000
set timescale to 2





bat files:











bullshit bethesda incompetence





leveling skills:






don't ever legendary


pickpocketing - need the 100 pickpocket off equipped clothes perk


might be helpful


sneak - assassin's blade @ 50, 15x normal damage
one-handed - extra damage on weapons i use
heavy armor - 50 perk, 50% less stagger
archery - zoom in, 2x more ammo retrieved from corpses, draw a bow 30% faster


might be helpful, probably not


lockpicking - treasure hunter @ 50, 50% chance of finding greater treasure
alchemy - 70 perk gathers harvests 2x more
illusion - 50 quiet casting
restoration - 40 respite, all healing spells now restore stamina




light armor - 60 perk of 50% stamina regen
block - just bashing, knocking down, and timeslows when blocking
2-handed - extra damage on weapons i never use
conjuration - who cares about half magicka
destruction - ''
alteration - ''
enchanting - who gives a single fuck





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