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Official Savage title



I have some good news to share with you. Finally. First, we all received our first anti Covid vaccination. The second one will be in seven days. We, I and my luvs relived because we were concerned about our parents. And my Prince wasn’t afraid of the needle this time although Mikey wasn’t near to watch him. He just turned the head on the other side.



Second news actually contains two news because first one caused the second one. I know that this will sound like a fairy tale to some of you, but it is true. Antonio had very unusual approach of presenting good news to us, but we learned later what he tried to do. This morning during our family coffee time he seriously asked my Prince:

- Say, bro, do you accidentally know anything about heavily beaten drug dealer in the back of “XXX” tavern three days before holidays?

My Prince, seeing worried and curious faces, replied:

- I know, but, can we talk about it later and in more private environment?

Antonio (sharply): No, we can’t! We are the family and I want every member of our family to know what you are doing.

Ivy (angrily): Tony, don’t be such a jerk! ….

Antonio lowered his voice and quietly said to my Ivy:

- Trust me, Gorgeous. (To Prince): Well, shell we hear it?

My Prince felt very uncomfortable. He told us what happened and what he did. Of course, our parents were appalled and just when they were ready to criticize him I jumped on my feet and said:

- Before you say anything, don’t forget that he simply can’t stand injustice. It is stronger than him and you all know that. So, please, be careful what would you say to him.

I sat back and my Ivy deep kissed me saying:

- That’s my wife I know and love.

Seeing that everyone wanted to say something to my Prince (except dad Boss who looked at him with admiration and sadness for he was worried about him), Antonio spoke first:

- I didn’t finish. Please, be patient ….. Ahem ……. You see, Prince, when you and Gorgeous left, the police came and they questioned people. Nobody saw what you did but they said they saw you talking with him and going out with him. They took your description and they returned to their base. Well, luckily for you, the chief of police for Istria peninsula is my war comrade and my good friend. He received your picture from me when you became the member of brethren. He compared your picture with your description and called me asking ‘is this your man?’ I confirmed and he asked me how much do I trust you? I said I would entrust him my life. Then we switched on video conference and he said that you deserve a reward and public recognition for interrupting drug dealing in that district. They never caught him for he always “smelled” the police and he hid the stash or ran away. Beside that no civilian dared to confront him being scared of revenge of his gang. I explained to him that you want to keep your life very private and discrete. He asked me about Gorgeous. I couldn’t tell him that she is your wife because, you know ….. but I told him that she works for me too and that she is your partner. He questioned me about your skills, intelligence and so on and so on and I told him all the best about you, Prince ….

Ivy (impatiently): Will you get to the point, Tony?

Antonio: All right, he asked me to ask you if you want to work for him, in narcotics department. You will have open hands and be responsible only to him.

I knew my Prince would say no but I was wrong about our parents. I thought they would be thrilled, but, instead, they all asked him to reject the offer telling him that it is too dangerous, that he is a father of two children and similar stuff. When he refused the offer, Antonio said that he thought his answer would be negative and that he said the same to his friend.

Antonio: Listen to this, folks: Prince and I are going to Istria today. My friend wants to meet Prince in person. Thanks to him, my agency will become trustworthy partner of “XXX” police HQ with full rights to enforce the law. Prince will receive special badge which will permit him to legally catch and arrest drug dealers, bullies, rapists, vandals, pedophiles and similar scum. I guaranteed to my friend with my life that you will not abuse your power, Prince. OK?

Prince (smilingly): You know me, Tony.

My Ivy straddled my Prince and wrapping her arms around his neck she loudly kissed him saying:

- Honey, you made me very proud. I love you so much, my damn bastard!

Everyone laughed hard. Dad Boss was silent. My Prince approached to him. Dad Boss hugged him firmly and his voice trembled:

- You are all I ever wanted, my son ……. Your heart was always on the right path and I know you will always do right thing …… I just …. I just beg you, my son: be careful, very careful.

He tapped his back firmly. My Prince kissed his cheek and said that he will be careful. My Fran made us all laugh hard when he commented:

- You finally got what you deserve, Prince: official savage title. Nothing else suites you more.

Although our parents were against his, let’s call it promotion, my Ivy and I are happy for him and we fully support him. I’m million times sure he would never abuse entrusted responsibility, because he isn’t such person. His hunger and the need to do the right thing finally paid off. I’m not worried about his safety for he knows what he is doing and my Ivy is there, with him to watch his back.


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First, we all received our first anti Covid vaccination.

? ?  



:classic_shy:  I envy you

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10 hours ago, Jayomms said:

Oh Boy Prince is gonna need a disguise like Batman. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

> LOL, Jay.

> He isn't afraid of being recognized and he doesn't sees himslef as a hero. Rather as one who can't let scum go unpunished. Same as my Ivy. That's why they make perfect duo like



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If ever anybody dedicated his whole life to the "enthusiasm for truth and justice", only Prince comes to mind, for he is the very definition of that phrase.


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9 hours ago, dharvinia said:

If ever anybody dedicated his whole life to the "enthusiasm for truth and justice", only Prince comes to mind, for he is the very definition of that phrase.



> Thanks. Indeed, he has a heart for such things. You know, he even didn't know that he has been interrupting drug dealing in that area. He just reacted and broke drug dealer. :) .

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