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Honorable family members



The morning my Prince and Antonio went to Istria on the meeting with the chief of the police, we stayed shortly afterwards because dad Boss had to say something to us.

Dad Boss: My beloved, I’m glad to see how every one of you is very concerned about Prince’s safety. I am too, but have you noticed that we pressed him hard lately? We criticized his upbringing, his deeds as a bodyguard, his life philosophy …… we were after him for almost everything …… That is not right. He isn’t a child but fully grown up man. Instead of supporting him as our son, we are trying to change him. He doesn’t need to be changed! He isn’t perfect, but his heart is right and he is doing the best he knows. None of us liked his involvement with the police, but isn’t it better that he co works with the police instead of running his own private war against criminals and vandalism?! ….. We are his only family and if he can’t have our support and love we are miserable parents and we should be ashamed!  …… Eva and Ivy showed him their full support. Tell us, girls, why did you do it?

Me: It wasn’t easy because I love him with all my being and I don’t want to see him hurt. I would die if anything happens to him, but I learned that he is what he is and that my support means a lot to him.

Ivy: I support him because his deeds is what defines him. He can’t be someone else. He tried and he was miserable. Just like Eva, I love him and I will die for him. However, he has to do what he has to do. One more thing: I’m ten times worse than him but nobody dares to correct me because you know I have dirty mouth and I will tell many ugly things to each one of you. But he won’t because he loves you and respect you very much.

Dad Boss looked them in the eyes and said:

- Think about that …… So, my dear ones, I suggest to show him a big welcome when he comes home today and show him how much we are proud at him. And, Livio, you and I will make a barbecue in his and Antonio’s honor in Saturday because we are very proud on their success and because they are honorable members of our family.

My dad said he’ll gladly do it. Dad Boss’s speech was awesome. Everyone knew that he was right. My Ivy and I hugged each one of them and thanked dad Boss for wonderful speech. Our parents really love my Prince but they couldn’t help themselves not to try to change him. I was like them at the beginning. Then I realized I only hurt him. Because of that he withdrew in himself and didn’t communicate with me. It took me a while until I realized that he will always be what he is just as I will be what I am. He accepted my Ivy and me without reserve and the “need” to change us although we were far from being good girls.


My Prince and Antonio returned home after many hours. When we all gathered, my Prince showed us his new badge and Antonio showed us a document (agreement) between his agency and police. Antonio told us that the chief of the police, after hearing more about Prince’s accomplishments from him, lined up his best man and started to praise my Prince who was very uncomfortable and he told them how each one of them should do. He asked him again to work for him which he kindly rejected. Later on, he took them out for a lunch with his closest associates. My Prince have open hands, but he is not allowed to kill except in self-defense, if his life or Ivy’s life is extremely endangered. Helping the Police won't bring more money to him and Antonio. They will only help the Law and will receive credits and acknowledgements which is enough for them. We all congratulated them and told them how proud we are for their success. My Prince noticed the difference in our parents’ behaving and he thought my Ivy and I were involved. We told him that it was dad Boss who took his side and taught us very good lesson. He went to him, hugged him firmly and said “I love you very much, dad.” Anyway, we told him and Antonio about the family party in Saturday in their honor. My Prince sighed for he didn’t like the idea but he accept it for he didn’t want to offend us.



The party in their honor yesterday was excellent. Dad Boss made a toast congratulating them on their success and thanking them for making our family proud. Antonio held short speech and being carried away he started to praise my Prince who started to walk toward our house. On Antonio’s question: “Where are you going, Prince?”, he replied: “To the place where I won’t hear your gibberish!” We laughed hard. Antonio stopped praising him and he returned to the party.  Anyway, Mikey loved to hold his daddy’s badge and he proudly showed it to everyone.


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2 hours ago, Jayomms said:

OK OK Prince no more praise come back to the party. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:



Well, Jayomms, I didn't mentioned in my diary but you, @Tirloque and @dharvinia also helped me to accept my Prince just as he is. So, the three of you have my thanks and praise :)

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