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Devious Exile



Someone posted a link to the following story in the Rubber Facility mod forum:
It is an interesting read, a bit long though.  I read the story and got the idea for this mod. If I end up making the mod I will give full credit to the individual who wrote that story.  I would hope anyone else who might create this mod in my stead would do the same.



Devious Exile


The basic idea is to lock the player in the suit and make them try to avoid people/civilization for as long as they can until their sentence is up.  Of course there are rules, and consequences for violating them!



Imagine, you do a crime and get arrested.  At the jail you are given a choice; do the time, or submit to voluntary temporary banishment.  If you choose banishment (and you will at least once, we all know you!).  All your possessions are taken, and you are sealed away in the magical suit that completely encases you.  You do not even have the use of your fingers as the suit has built in mitts.  You are then transported out into the wilderness somewhere and abandoned.  You need not worry about food, water, and sanitation as these are magically dealt with.



Special NPCs


       There will be a couple NPCs added to handle the special magic of the exile system.  Can't give just anyone this power you know!


  • The Jailer:  The Jailer is the one to cast the spell of exile on the player when the time comes.  They a deal with the holds to administer this service.  The Jailer will teleport to the hold capital when necessary to start/end the exile sentence.  There will be cases that no hold was involved, and the player will have to travel to the Jailer in order to be released.  In this case a random location will be selected, and the player will have to make their way to that location.  These locations may not always be in a city.
  • Seekers: Seekers are like bounty hunters, they just don't collect bounties!  Seekers are associated with the Jailer, and are the only people besides the Jailer allowed to wield a bit of the exile magic.  The Jailer gives each Seeker an exile gem.  Each gem allows the Seeker to cast the exile spell once, after which the gem disintegrates and the Seeker must return to the Jailer for a replacement.  Seekers would normally be dispatched by a hold to track down the player: however, the Seekers are not above taking on side hustles for a price, a large price!  The Jailers get a piece of this action, so they do not care how the exile gems are used.  Seekers are strong, but could theoretically be defeated.  If slain, the Seeker's body will vanish in order to keep the exile gem from getting into the wrong hands.
  • The Rogue:  The Rogue is someone who somehow learned the exile spell.  They are not associated with the Jailer at all.  The Rogue will be a random encounter to make things interesting.  Should probably have a toggle for this.



Becoming an Exile


       There would be several ways to become an exile.  Also, the suit does not care how or why the prisoner ended up in the suit.  The suit's job is to make sure the prisoner follows the rules for the duration of the sentence.  (yes, this means that committing crimes in not the only way to end up in the suit!).  All of these options should probably be able  to be toggled in the MCM.


  • Voluntarily accept exile in lieu of serving jail time for lesser crime.  The player would be given the choice upon arrest.
  • There would be a chance that the player gets sentenced to exile automatically for major crimes.  Chance would be configurable in MCM.
  • If the crime were severe enough, the prisoner would be placed in exile to serve as a probation period after serving jail time.
  • Seekers.   There will be a chance that the hold the player triggered a bounty in will send a Seeker out to track down the player instead of a bounty hunter.  Even for minor crimes.  The crime severity would affect this chance.
  • Seekers: The holds are not the only ones that can send out a Seeker.  Anyone with enough coin can hire the Seeker to exile someone.  There will be a chance that when someone hires an assassin or hired thug that a Seeker will get sent instead.  (This would also be a part of the api so that other mods can use this mechanic to send out Seekers)
  • Framed!:  Someone framed the player for a crime they did not commit.  This is just another way to initiate the previous methods in this list for those who are goody-two-shoes and do not commit crimes.  There would be a configurable chance for this to happen.
  • The Rogue: Random encounter.  Someone else was somehow allowed to secretly wield the exile magic.  The Jailer knows, but can do nothing about it!  This person will randomly show up and try to force/trick the player into exile.  The Jailer cannot end any exile initiated by the Rogue, just as the Rogue cannot end any exile initiated by the Jailer.  (Toggle for this in MCM)
  • The Trial:  If the player happens across a Seeker, the Jailer, or the Rogue, they can request to be put into exile.  The Jailer will let the player choose how long.  The Seeker will let the player choose, but there will be a chance they ignore the selection and pick a random time limit.  The Rogue will not give the player a choice.  The Seeker and Jailer will want gold (a lot), the Rogue will do it for free, but may decline your request.  If declined, there will be an increased chance for a Rogue random encounter.
  • Mod Integrations:
    • Cursed Loot: Someone enchanted a chest with a exile trap!  Or, The player found a strange gem in a chest (exile gem)
    • Alternate Start: Start the game as an exile!
    • Simple Slavery: The player was sold at auction, and the buyer decides to have a bit of fun! (arranges for player to be put in exile).  Could also initiate a Seeker and let the player go to see how long the player can elude the Seeker (player will always get caught).
    • Devious Followers/Submissive Lola: Maybe your owner got tired of you and decided to have you exiles just for fun.  Maybe they just needed a break from you for awhile!
    • API (as mentioned above) so that any mod can send a Seeker after the player.
  • Note: Only one Seeker after the player at a given time.  Once the player is released, however, bounties will be reevaluated to see if there is another Seeker coming!
  • Note:  While in exile, the player cannot be arrested, even if they have bounties.
  • Note: If the player has bounties in several holds, there will be a chance that the sentence is adjusted to take care of some, or all of those bounties.  If the player volunteered for exile in lieu of prison time, they the player will be able to choose if they want to include any bounties from other holds.



The Suit


       The player will be encased in a special (rubber) suit that totally encloses them, completely hiding their identity.  The player will not be able to talk at all, in fact, they will not even be able to make a sound (no gag talk).  The suit also encases the hands in mitts to prevent the occupant from using their hands effectively.  The hood will allow the player to see, however the world will look different, and it will mute the sounds of the world.  Here are some of the effects of the suit:


  • All speech is blocked, including gag talk.
  • Player cannot pick anything up, thus cannot keep anything in their inventory other than the suit parts.
  • Player cannot open anything.  Their hands are generally useless.  Though there may be a severely limited chance that the player can open a door (just to allow them to get into trouble).  Opening a chest is useless because the player cannot carry anything anyway.


  • The player can wield no weapons (other than the mitts)
  • Player can use no magic (shouts included obviously).
  • Obviously the player will not be able to interact with any furniture.  The player will, however, be able to be place IN furniture by NPCs.  The furniture being the naughty restrictive kind of furniture!
  • Fast travel is unavailable.  Yes, this includes carriages!  Carriage drivers will not help you!
  • A muted filter will be applied to make the world way less colorful.
  • The suit will increase player arousal over time.  There is only one way to reduce that!    This mod does noting with the arousal (yet?) But I supposed it could be used to weaken the player's willpower to resist giving into the urge to have sex.  Maybe the level of arousal will cause some de-buffs/effects.
  • The suit reduces stealth (magically), especially in towns and cities.  If the player somehow ends up in a house, stealth is reduced to 0.
  • The suit will mute sounds? (if this is doable and doesn't totally suck)
  • The suits have a built in bondage system to help out those NPCs that want to see the player ties up :)  This way the mod can implement it's own set of devices.  Of course the Jailer will not remove the suit until bound mode is disabled! >:)
  • Player cannot die while wearing the suit.  The player can, however, be knocked out.
  • The player cannot kill while wearing the suit.  However, the player can knock out their opponent for a short period of time.
  • The suit mitts give a buff to unarmed damage (towards knockout).  Yeah, yeah, they are starting to be like boxing gloves, but they are locked on! :P
  • The suit deals with all basic needs: Food, water, bathroom, warmth, ect.  Except those needs that bring pleasure of course!
  • Only the jailer (or Rogue accordingly) can remove the suit.  And that will not happen until the sentence is served!  (of course there will be a debug function in case something is messed up)
  • The player will be a target while wearing the suit.  This means  nearby NPC will be selected to "hunt" the player for a random time/distance.  Generally NPCs will not leave the cell.  If there are no NPCs around, there is a change one will be spawned to hunt the player.  Getting caught by an NPC in of itself does not violate the rules, however, the consequences of being captured by an NPC may violate some of the rules!



The Sentence


       The sentence period is chosen in a few ways.  If sentenced through the crime system, the period is determined by the severity of the crime.  The more severe the crime, the longer the sentence.  For paroles, the period would be a percentage of what would have been calculated using the severity of the crime the player served jail time for.  All other periods  would either be randomly generated, or passed in from another mod when invoked through the API.





       Punishments are things that the magic of the suit dishes out when a violation of the rules is detected.  Actions taken by any NPC the prisoner might interact with are a separate thing.  An NPC cannot invoke suit punishments directly.  They may, however,  be able to trick the prisoner into breaking a rule.  The real punishment is adding time.  The other punishmenst would just be ways to make the player feel more isolated and make them more susceptible to breaking rules to get them more time.


  • Severe shock that has a chance to render the prisoner unconscious for a variable amount of time.  There is a chance that the player will get violated during this time, or found by an NPC
    and violated if the knockout occurred when there was no NPC present.
  • There will be a chance that time gets added to the sentence.  Amount will depend on the rule that was violated, and the frequency that the prisoner has been violating the rules.
  • (probably a few more when I think of them)


The rules.


  • The prisoner may not talk to anyone, no exceptions!  Attempting to initiate dialog with result in punishment!  Followers will be dismissed until the sentence is over and the suit is removed.  Force-greets will not cause punishments, but there will be options for the player to use to respond.  One option will keep the player out of trouble, but that option just might not always show up! >:)


  • The prisoner is not allowed into any city.  Attempting to enter a city will result in punishment!  Note, there may be a small chance that the player is able to get into the city.  However, this is just the suit allowing it so that the player can get into some trouble in other ways.  The mod would detect the player using the city door and to a check to see if the suit will allow them to enter the city.  If the check fails, punishment will get enacted.  The small towns may be a challenge,  but if the mod can detect when the player steps into one of those cells, then the same check can be done. 
  • If the prisoner is able to get into the town/city, and are caught by a guard, the prisoner will be hobbled (to make them slower) and not allowed to leave the town/city for at least a day.  This will greatly increase the likelihood that the prisoner will  become a toy to many citizens as they try to stay hidden in the confines of the town/city.


  • The prisoner is not allowed to enter any houses (Any door leading to an interior cell).  Attempting to do so will result in punishment!  Not sure how easy this one would be to implement.
  • The prisoner is not allowed to engage in any physical contact with anyone.  Doing so will result in punishment!  Of course we are talking about sexual contact here.  Arousal will make this one really hard to follow!  Defensive combat does not count here.
  • The prisoner is not allowed to initiate any violent acts!  Doing so will result in punishment!  However, the prisoner may defend themselves as best as they can.  This would even count non-humanoids (yes, also animals).  Not sure if this can be done.
  • The prisoner may not remove the suit, in fact, it is impossible for the prisoner to succeed in doing so, however, the very attempt will result in punishment!  This is really an homage to the story.  A struggle option could be set up and assigned to a hot key. Would be amusing if the player forgot what that key was and accidentally pressed it.  Would be very devious to be be able to randomly pick a key to respond to that would trigger the struggle!  Could also have a chance that the struggle could be triggered after the player sleeps.  Sometimes when people wake up they forget their situation :)
  • There are no restrictions on the prisoner entering any caves.  Here I am talking about any cell whose entry point does not involve a door.  Again, not sure this is doable.
  • The prisoner may not linger in any particular place for an extended period of time (5 in game hours).  Doing so will result in punishment as well as making the prisoner more likely to be found by a Hunter.
  • (maybe a few more if I can think of some)



The Hunt


       As long as the player is stuck in the exile suit, they will be hunted by everyone else.  Each NPC will have their own goal in mind, and most of the time it will end up in a violate rule or two if they catch the player!  The NPC selected to track the player is referred to as the Hunter.  For sanity and performance reasons, there will only ever be one Hunter tracking the player at any given moment.  What happens if the Hunter catches their prey?  This is what may happen:


  • The Hunter was just curious, they make a few comments and go on their way.
  • The Hunter tried to initiate sex.  The player can try to resist.  If the Hunter succeeds, then they have their way with the player, causing the player to violate the rules.  The Hunter may initiate bondage (the suit has a bondage system), or place the player in bondage furniture before they leave (if there is any furniture around)
  • The Hunter initiates bondage and leaves the player lying there vulnerable to other Hunters.  This would include placing the player in a cage or bondage furniture.
  • The player is captured by the Hunter and kept for a time to be used as a plaything.  The player may be taken somewhere else.  The player will be caged.  A cage of some sort will be spawned (gibbet cage) if there is not a cage around to use.  The player will likely be bound as well.  The captivity can last up to 24 hours.
  • The Hunter takes the player to some remove location (far away from the hold that initiated the exile) and abandoned.  There will be a chance the player is left bound.
  • Note: If abandoned in a cage, the player will be released after a period of time.  If left in bondage, the player will remain bound until a Hunter releases bondage mode, ore the player is able to find a Seeker when their sentence is done.
  • (more if I think of some)



The Release


       The exile ends when the sentence time runs out.  This does not mean that the player is automatically freed, however.  Once the sentence ends, the player must make their way back to the hold that initiated the exile.  If the exile was initiated by a Seeker, or the Jailer, then the player must make their way to where the Jailer is.  If initiated by the Rogue, then, you guessed it, the player will have to find the Rogue.  Note, the suit cannot be removed if the bondage system is active, and only a Seeker will deactivate the bondage system!  Both the Jailer and the Rogue with refuse and send the player away.  The Rogue might just extend your sentence for wasting their time!

     When the sentence ends, the rules are no longer enforced, but beware, the suit effects are very much still in play.  Remember, all suit effects are active as long as the player is wearing the suit!  this may make it challenging for the player to get back to were they need to be to get the suit removed.



A few Notes


  • Will have to work out a reasonable amount of time added for punishments.


  • Vampires and Werewolves are not allowed to be exiled (transformation would muck things up)
  • This is kind of geared towards female characters (at least in my mind), but there is nothing preventing male characters from being included.








Edited by slvsaris
Restructured and rfleshed out a bit more.


Recommended Comments

Mod ideas like these are always cool to think about, but the execution would probably unfortunately be rather dull. Not being able to do anything for a long time in-game would just get boring.

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3 hours ago, Pornucopia said:

Mod ideas like these are always cool to think about, but the execution would probably unfortunately be rather dull. Not being able to do anything for a long time in-game would just get boring.

Nowhere in the text does it say the player was not allowed to do anything.  The mod would just restrict some of the things the player can do.

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21 hours ago, slvsaris said:

Nowhere in the text does it say the player was not allowed to do anything.  The mod would just restrict some of the things the player can do.

Except the sheer amount of restrictions is the part that would make the player unable to do much of anything. Spelunking is out of the question as you can't hold anything (or grab, depending on your DD settings). NPCs would be hostile to you, so interactions would be severely limited. You would mostly be limited to running around the countryside, running away from fights and punching bunnies.

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On 5/15/2021 at 3:53 AM, Pornucopia said:

Except the sheer amount of restrictions is the part that would make the player unable to do much of anything. Spelunking is out of the question as you can't hold anything (or grab, depending on your DD settings). NPCs would be hostile to you, so interactions would be severely limited. You would mostly be limited to running around the countryside, running away from fights and punching bunnies.

Then move along, maybe this mod idea was not for you.  Not all mods can be a fit for everyone.

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you would have to add extra NPC's that purposely try to find the PC, otherwise, it would be easy to simply find a spot and hover there for a while lol. Adding the extras would push the PC to constantly move, to think, and to what it takes to avoid everything.


yes I have read that story. One of the greatest BDSM stories I've ever read to be honest.

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