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Random pics from Skyrim + WIP Mash-up pics

Deep Red


Some screenies of the mash-up I've been working on for the past month or so. I wish I had more time to work on it, but school has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Between college and Planetside 2, I'm hardly getting any work done on this. Hopefully that will change now that school is winding down for the summer again. I still need to get permissions from the original authors of the resources I used before I can actually release any of this stuff, so don't get too excited. I also need to figure out who was the original creator of the skirt... I can't remember where I even got it. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be nice. The original mod it came with lacked a readme file.


So here are a few pics of what I've been up to lately. I've been fixing various weighing issues with the skirt on my spare time. The most visible and obvious ones have been ironed out, but a few subtle ones remain. My guess is that they're skeleton-related, but I haven't gotten around to verifying it since I'm such a lazy fuck. I have also been performing plastic surgery and witchcraft on my current main character, on the ever-lasting quest to make her drop dead gorgeous. She kinda looks like a Lunari-Redguard mix, which was not what I originally intended but holy shit does she look hawt now! Getting the hair to match with her skirt and top was sort of tricky at first. With all the graphical mods I got installed, matching colors to each other is a pain in the ass.


Anyway enjoy them, laugh at them, fap, puke, stare, cringe, or whatever you want at them.


P.S. For anyone who might ask, I don't have a time frame for release of the mash-up as of now.


Mash up WIP



blogentry-15447-0-30544500-1367809991_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-37766100-1367809998_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-58443900-1367810001_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-12139700-1367810005_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-16029300-1367810008_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-45399700-1367810011_thumb.jpg







blogentry-15447-0-03932700-1367817963_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-68364700-1367817965_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-63181400-1367817969_thumb.jpgblogentry-15447-0-11545000-1367817974_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-93588900-1367817977_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-97975300-1367817981_thumb.jpgblogentry-15447-0-21299900-1367817986_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-94973100-1367817990_thumb.jpg blogentry-15447-0-48407000-1367817993_thumb.jpg




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