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New PC is built, Live Stream Working, new YouTube Channel.



Hey guys, finally got everything set up! Got everything built only to find my upload speeds didn't hold up to Twitch standards ( by a long shot ) so I had to upgrade my internet package then wait a week for the new modem to come.Everything is set up and working fine. My new YouTube channel is also up and running, with my first twitch Live Stream ( of Skyrim ofc ) uploaded to it. I made a new one since now that I'm ready to do live stream / recordings / reviews of ALL games, not just Skyrim, I didn't think the YouTube channel ShaydowSkyrimMods would work anymore, so you will now be able to find all my newest videos at my new channel, ShaydowPlay, located here :




I will be making one last video for the ShaydowSkyrimMods channel letting my subscribers know about the change over. Some games in the planning are :




Wolfenstien : The new Order.


Saints Rom IV


Throwbacks on NES / Sega / etc.


All and all everything is working out nicely. Now I just have to spice up the new YouTube channel, but I'm just to busy playing games! :)


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