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Mala`s Insights: Gestational Development. Part 3 of 3



As we continue into part 3, this will mostly be observations that didn't quite seem to warrant inclusion in other parts, as well as things that remain to be examined more closesly

Other observation:

+ The substance from the smaller tube appears to have acidic properties. IN the strength discovered, only a mild discomfort to the skin was felt.

+ Of the 28 test subjects, 27 were there by force - all convicted to die. The remaining two were there for unknown reasons.

+ Of the first 27, 20 died during the insemination.  It is believed there are several factors as to why..  Could be the rupturing of the tubes in the upper uterus, could be the fear, could be the acidic nature of the small tube, or just a reaction or combination of all three.  Here, the interaction with the chaurus was strictly vaginal in nature. the remaining 7 all died up to and during birth 1 at 3 days.

+ Each victim lived a bit longer than the previous. part of this was due to the use of sedatives, and euphoria inducing potions, as well as counter-toxin potions.  Around the 21st, after we were sure we were beginning to understand the basics enough to keep the victims alive all the way through, we began to theorize.. Chaurus are known for their poison. when we administered counter-toxin potions, the inflammation dropped significantly, and consistently.  Subsequent were given counter-toxin before the process started. Chaurus toxin kills by inhalation and burning the lungs. Its secondary effects on the skin can be deadly but rarely are.  

+ for the remaining six victims, we began with "oral" exercises.  First we applied euphoric potions, to help loosen up, lower pulse, etc.  Then, we administered the counter-toxin.  After which, we introduced the Caurus penis to the oral cavity/stomach.   Upon watching the bowel movements, we are sure the eggs did not survive in the stomach. During insemination,  it felt, and upon placing ones ear to the chest sounded like- the secondary tube had found its way into the lounges, and was spraying...  After the victims regained their wits, we administered another dose of counter-toxin..  mild breathing discomfort for 2 days was reported, but all remaining victims and the willing participant survived this process.

+ Then, we returned to the original test, applying all we had learned.  The remaining victims  were allowed more freedom than given to the original victims, mainly to see the psychological reaction as well.  Still, the unwilling in many cases tried to self abort.  It is believed (and subsequently found by opening up unhatched eggs) that there is a great amount of poison inside the egg.  It is possible that some of the eggs were ruptured, and lead to their death, and possibly too much activity at large - regardless of abort attempt.

+ The final two (one victim, one volunteer) made it all the way through the process, and 4 weeks later still appear to be healthy and at least externally unharmed.

+ One closing observation about the final two.  Both appeared to adopt very protective, maternal instincts of the eggs after birth, and seem to have some strange desire to repeat the process.

++++  End

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Wont be any pictures, unless some artistically minded person would like to draw a few for this blog.. I have a idea in mind for the "look and feel" of them...

ever seen Alien Covenant and the drawings david did?    That type of aesthetic is what im looking for..

Pictures of the vagina/uterus  in various stages... with primary/secondary tubes doing their thing, pictures of the umbilical, etc...  think more "anatomy text book" and less "erotica"

Also, I tried to keep things consistent with the "fantasy aesthetic"  vs the "sci fi/futuristic"  so therefore, I made some deliberate word choices, etc..

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