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Mala`s Insights: Gestational Development. Part 2 of 3



Dear readers, in this part I will finish up the insemination process, and will then begin to talk about the development of the eggs and effects.

Insemination process:

So, in terms of vaginal mating, here is the synopsis of it all.  The Primary and secondary tube are inserted into the vagina/uterus as a single unit. Once the required stimulation is achieved, the exterior tube begins the transfer of eggs from the chaurus into the female host.  After the eggs of been deposited, the secondary tube begins seeking the female host`s tubes.

== Actual Development/Gestation==

Stage 1 (and 2):

At present time, it is difficult to delineate how many stages there actually are, but findings suggest at least 3.

Once the insemination is complete, the chaurus`s tubes shrink.  One can usually hear what appears to be air escaping, sounds in many ways like steam escaping, and or flatulence.

Possible stage 1:  On its way out, both tubes are still pumping a little bit.  Shortly after the tubes have fully existed the female host, the exterior leftover that covers the vaginal opening, seals, this seal is basically as hard as leather armor.  Some movement is afforded the host, but too much, or too fast is painful..  Hobbling seems to be what most can "stomach."

Possible Stage 2:

The exact time from completion of insemination to the female host birthing the egg seems to vary, admittedly since most subjects have died during the insemination process (it is believed the actual cause of death is related to the trauma inflicted by the secondary tube..  However, births have been observed at 3, 6, and 9 day intervals.

Upon dissecting a female host that died before birthing, I would like to address the umbilical cord, and  afterbirth.  The Umbilical cord in many ways resembles a cat of nine whip. Each strand of the business end of the whip connects to an egg.  The handle, almost always appears to connect to the female.  It appears that after insemination, a majority of the eggs are duds, and make up part of the nutrition for the viable eggs.  As so far, no more than 17 eggs have been seen as "connected" to the umbilical cord. Yet, in almost all cases, dissection of the female victims that died during insemination had on average 34 eggs.  20-43 being the range. Whereas those who survived to at least the water breaking have only had 5-17, with the average being 10

Around day 3 the vaginal seal is more pliable at start; seemingly consistent with goat skin used to make cloaks.  It's tough, but pliable and hosts find moving a great deal easier.  During day,  this seal all but dissolves, leading to the birthing part.  Given the size of the eggs themselves, the pain reactions from the actual birthing are a lot less than the perceived pains entailed in birthing humanoid children.

Egg development from insemination to birth:

The egg size is usually very uniform. During insemination, the size of the eggs is about the 2-3 times the volume or a usual imperial arrowhead.
After insemination, eggs are absorbed, leading to the the 5-17 eggs that are birthed.  The size of the egg at birth, is approximately half the volume of a newborn humanoid`s head.  

The birthed eggs, on the exterior, resemble the leather armor pliability refrenced for the vaginal seal on day 1.   Inside the unhatched egg appears to be the embryo of course, and a very thick, wet, spiderweb type structure.  Inside hatched eggs there is a similar residue, but largely, just the hatchling.  

Egg Hatching: 

Further testing is needed, but taking into account what we have seen with both female hosts who have survived and are still alive is, the earlier the egg is born, the greater the chance of hatching..  ~ Upwards of 50% hatch from the birth part 1.  Drops off to about 10% of the remaining births parts (no more than 3 births from one host, over 9 days has been seen yet.

*Side note on hatchlings, upon hatching, the chaurus are very hungry, and seem to seek out prey that is already dead.

===End part 2


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Wont be any pictures, unless some artistically minded person would like to draw a few for this blog.. I have a idea in mind for the "look and feel" of them...

ever seen Alien Covenant and the drawings david did?    That type of aesthetic is what im looking for..

Pictures of the vagina/uterus  in various stages... with primary/secondary tubes doing their thing, pictures of the umbilical, etc...  think more "anatomy text book" and less "erotica"

Also, I tried to keep things consistent with the "fantasy aesthetic"  vs the "sci fi/futuristic"  so therefore, I made some deliberate word choices, etc..

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