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Mala`s Insights: Chaurus Egg Studies, a Treatsie.



My dear reader, these few pages contain information that should be added to existing works dealing with the subject of Chaurus eggs. 

Chaurus Egg studies

Much is already known about the chaurus egg. Traditional alchemical methods teach us to look for four main attributes from potential ingredients.  As of the time im writing this, we know the four effects to be weakness to poison, damage to magicka, invisibility, and stamina fortification.  Given the danger usually involved in collecting these eggs, it is understandable that there aren’t many available for study.

What I have documented in my gestational studies though afforded us more opportunity to study the chaurus eggs in detail.  Once a host is impregnated, all aggression towards the host from the chaurus ceases- even after birthing.  This allows us to collect and study the eggs freely.  Presently, eggs are prepared for alchemical use in two ways – as a dry powder, or as a paste and from there tinctures can be made and stored for use.    

In crushing the eggs birthed by humanoid hosts, a strange reaction in the chaurus was observed.  It appears to elicit arousal, seen by them gathering around the crushed egg and thrusting their proboscis in the the general location of the crushed egg. In addition, they begin leaking what I can only assume to be lubrication.  As the bodies from the previous experiments were mostly intact, I made a tincture of 3 host eggs, and a spoon of water. I rubbed the resulting paste just inside the vaginal canal.  To my fascination, the nearby Chaurus attempted to thrust it`s proboscis into the corpse briefly, but then stopped.  Just standing there, proboscis dripping in lubricant. 

In repeating the same experiment 2 more times on the remaining corpses before we burned them- the same exact behavior was observed- whether the paste was applied inside the mouth, or inside the vaginal opening seemed to have little bearing.  The chaurus began the “aim” and “thrust” towards the opening where the paste was. My companion and I, being the volunteers and surviving incubators thus far knew what must be done.  As we were still recovering from previous interactions, we prepared the paste for a later date.

After about three weeks of waiting, we then decided were sufficiently ready to try again, and the voice or instinct that had become apart of our psyche from the first time was more than thrilled.  Both applying the paste in our vaginal opening, and positioning ourselves to more easily receive, the chaurus deposited their eggs in our wombs, much like we expected. The resulting pregnancies were a little easier, and there was a certain erotic stimulation felt upon birthing this time.

The irritations associated with contacting chaurus toxin were no longer felt beyond a mild annoyance.


Not being sure of the cause (previous birthing, the paste, etc) In the few weeks following the paste experiment, it was noticed that everytime our periods began, There was no longer any blood, but a greyish liquid. Something about this liquid, or being on our period, or ,....  excited the chaurus  to the point of frenzy, and we were barely able to avoid being impregnated again.  though, the voice in our head, our psyche..  Sure, it seems at some point most humanoids have some desire to reproduce (or atleast attend to the reproductive acts).  This part of our psyche is now heightened, alot, almost to the point of insanity or complete loss of control, well beyond the loss of control exhibited by inebriated tavern patrons.


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