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About this blog

The collected works of Mala, Broodmother to the Malas chaurus hive.  Propagator of fertility

The purpose of this blog is to deal with the  propagation of the Chaurus species  as it relates to interaction with humanoids.

The blog is includes erotic concepts of course, but in and off itself is meant to reflect something akin to a "science journal."  

The topics of this blog (planned and completed) are:

1) Insemination process and gestational development of Chaurus Eggs in utero.
2) Effects on humanoids from pregnancy and mating.
3) Study on Chaurus Eggs.
4) Hive building - dealing primarily with bringing the species above ground in a sustainable way.

The first goal is now more or less complete.  Goals two and three have been started.

Side Goals:
I would like to include vellum "medievalish" "antiquish"  drawings of  parts of the human anatomy,   different drawings of what the steps look like- from insertion, to birth, inside of egg looks like,   etc... but I am not good at art and this is not screenshots im hunting for..  to that end, if you are up for it- id welcome your artistic abilities...

Sources of inspiration for the topics and info include, but are not limited to

Tyranid tactics, genestealer cults from warhammer 40k
Zerg from starcraft
Alien movies- in particular prometheus, covenant, and "1"
Chaurus Life treatsie and mod.

Entries in this blog

Mala`s Insights: Chaurus Egg Studies, a Treatsie.

My dear reader, these few pages contain information that should be added to existing works dealing with the subject of Chaurus eggs.  Chaurus Egg studies Much is already known about the chaurus egg. Traditional alchemical methods teach us to look for four main attributes from potential ingredients.  As of the time im writing this, we know the four effects to be weakness to poison, damage to magicka, invisibility, and stamina fortification.  Given the danger usually involved in collecti

Mala`s Insights: Gestational Development. Part 3 of 3

As we continue into part 3, this will mostly be observations that didn't quite seem to warrant inclusion in other parts, as well as things that remain to be examined more closesly Other observation: + The substance from the smaller tube appears to have acidic properties. IN the strength discovered, only a mild discomfort to the skin was felt. + Of the 28 test subjects, 27 were there by force - all convicted to die. The remaining two were there for unknown reasons. + Of the fi

Mala`s Insights: Gestational Development. Part 2 of 3

Dear readers, in this part I will finish up the insemination process, and will then begin to talk about the development of the eggs and effects. Insemination process: So, in terms of vaginal mating, here is the synopsis of it all.  The Primary and secondary tube are inserted into the vagina/uterus as a single unit. Once the required stimulation is achieved, the exterior tube begins the transfer of eggs from the chaurus into the female host.  After the eggs of been deposited, the second

Mala`s Insights: Gestational Development. Part 1 of 3

It is commonly known or believed perhaps  that Chaurus eggs are usually found in clusters, and some hatch others are duds.. Over the course of several months, I have studied the Chaurus, their habits, and more importantly their reproductive habits.  This volume is dedicated to the "volunteers" without which, this would not be possible. Anatomy:  The common anatomy of the reproductive organs of  the Chaurus resemble almost more of a tube, as opposed to a more penis shape commo
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